In the spotlight: Maisie Mattison, AI Training Lead

Maisie Mattison Recordsure

In celebration of International Women’s Week and gender inclusivity, we continue to turn the spotlight on some of the remarkable women who work at Recordsure.

International Women’s Week has helped draw attention to gender diversity, one of the leading diversity issues in the workplace. Maisie Mattison, AI Training Lead at Recordsure, talks about her experience with gender bias, inclusivity and the importance of women in leadership roles.

Joining the discussion is Ismail Antulay, Senior Tester at Recordsure, as Maisie and Ismail compare their views on Recordsure’s approach to diversity.

Maisie Mattison, AI Training Lead

When I joined Recordsure, one of the initial things that attracted me to the company was that Recordsure has a female founder. Having a diverse leadership team is definitely something I value in an employer." 

Maisie Mattison Recordsure

Career profile

Maisie joined Recordsure in March 2019 as a Transcriber and Conversation Analyst after graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in English Language and Linguistics. 

Her interest in language has been the key to her success and, in July 2020, Maisie was promoted to the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training Lead.

Gender bias in the working environment

Like many women, Maisie has experienced gender bias in the workplace: “In the past, I have worked for companies that had a male bias in leadership roles.”

This influenced Maisie’s decision when she considered her future career options as she sought an opportunity to work for an employer with a positive attitude to diversity.  

Diversity at Recordsure

Maisie views Recordsure as an inclusive employer, despite the technology industry being typically dominated by men, and finds it refreshing not to worry about being the only female working on a project.

On a day-to-day basis, I report to a female manager who has helped develop my skills and created opportunities for me. I work with incredibly talented and confident women in different areas of the company.

Commenting further on Recordsure’s positive attitude towards diversity and inclusiveness, Maisie remarks: “Recordsure certainly has a diverse workforce.” 

Maisie’s experience of Recordsure’s diversity beyond gender is akin to Ismail’s.

Ismail Antulay, Senior Tester

It amazes me to find so many wonderful people from different countries, cities, knowing so many languages (apart from programming languages, of course), having sophisticated accents, willing to listen to each other, co-exist and work together as a team.

Ismail Antulay Recordsure Headshot B&W

Ismail joined Recordsure last year and was pleased to see the variety of people that ‘flocked together’ at Recordsure, who can express their thoughts and ideas with ease.

When asked about his view on gender diversity, Ismail feels that Recordsure is a diverse and inclusive employer. 

“We have women in every department, and it gives me immense pleasure to say that Recordsure’s top scientists are women. We have a fair balance of women as Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers and Team Leaders.”

When it comes to Recordsure’s female founder, Ismail agrees with Maisie: “Our founder, Joanne Smith, is an inspiring woman.”

Recordsure’s pro-active attitude to providing equal opportunities and recognising individuals’ achievements, without prejudice or bias, certainly resonates with female and male employees across the business. 

Remarkable women of Recordsure

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