Our story

Behind every successful business lies a problem which needed solving.

In the case of Recordsure, this problem had its roots in the financial sector. Working alongside major retail banks with our sister company TCC, we observed first-hand the challenges faced in meeting regulatory compliance obligations effectively at scale.

Firms were struggling to review their recorded phone conversations: a manual, labour intensive process which got increasingly cost-prohibitive with higher volumes of calls. Furthermore, face-to-face meetings were not being recorded, meaning a primary channel for many important conversations lacked both transparency and a robust audit trail.

The future of intelligent interaction

Recordsure combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning techniques to extract ground-breaking insights, drive automation and deliver transformational efficiencies around professional interactions. Refined over years of research, we have developed some of the world’s most advanced tools to collect, segment and analyse customer interaction data with unprecedented precision.

Whilst Recordsure’s origins lie in the financial sector, our analytical engines are so powerful that they have fuelled expansion and catapulted us into other industries looking to innovate. Specialising in complex sectors and industries reliant on niche terminology, we offer a range of tools designed to help meet a variety of different business objectives be that through increasing sales conversions, protecting vulnerable customers, training staff or driving efficiencies through automation.

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Our talented team of data scientists, language experts, cognitive scientists, semantics experts and compliance specialists are building the world’s most advanced speech and voice analytics platform.

Built by compliance specialists

Recordsure is the brainchild of TCC, one of the UK’s largest compliance specialists. With a deep understanding of the regulatory challenges facing financial services firms, customer-centric companies and government organisations, our compliance specialists created Recordsure to be a robust and revolutionary solution, expressly designed to help organisations stay ahead of changing regulatory rules and expectations.