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Advance the efficiency of your review process by combining your smart people with our smart tech. ReviewAI unique speech and document analytics tools achieve 100% oversight and efficient evidencing of outcomes. 

Futureproof your Consumer Duty compliance

Ensuring compliance with the FCA Consumer Duty is among firms’ top regulatory priorities. However, many are concerned as to how they can sufficiently evidence good outcomes without drastically increasing the size of their compliance teams. Supervision and increased oversight across the sales, service, advice and collections process is going to be crucial in ensuring a high standard of protection for consumers.  

How can post-conversation compliance analytics help achieve smarter Consumer Duty compliance?

Our white paper offers a deep dive into the Consumer Duty’s ‘Consumer Understanding’ outcome and the application of Compliance Analytics solutions to future-proof Consumer your compliance, covering topics:

  • In the focus: the Consumer Duty
  • Compliance Analytics: Delivering on the key Duty outcomes 
  • Intelligent Consumer Duty compliance 

Your ultimate guide to smarter Consumer Duty compliance with Compliance Analytics

You don't need to listen to a conversation recording from end to end
or read a customer file from cover to cover ever again

We turn your customer conversations and documentation into valuable insights which drive performance and culture.

Our cutting-edge technology combines human-level intelligence with machine-powered capability to support compliance, customer care, risk management and sales at scale.

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Every day regulated organisations engage with their customers across multiple communication channels. These interactions provide a valuable source of information for improving the customer experience, managing risks, training and sales. However, there’s so much data to process that it’s traditionally been an impossible task.

Our bespoke analytics and automation tools break down this information at scale, with human-level intelligence and machine-powered capability. Whether it’s for everyday monitoring or past business reviews, our tools unlock valuable insights for driving performance, culture and risk management.

Recordsure doesn’t replace the human decision maker. But by taking them straight to the needle in the haystack they can invest all their time on valuable activity rather than administrative chores. In practice, they should never have to listen to a recording from end to end or read a case file cover to cover ever again.

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Regulated firms often struggle to review more than 5% of their customer interactions.

We shine a light on the other 95%.

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