In the spotlight: Adeline Han, Programme Director

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In celebration of International Women’s Week, we had the privilege to talk to some of the remarkable women who work at Recordsure about gender bias and diversity in the workplace.

To round up the inspiring and uplifting series, we talk to Adeline Han, Programme Director at Recordsure. Adeline shares her views on gender bias and stereotyping, and explains why inclusivity and equal opportunities are critical for personal growth and career development.

While discussing gender bias and diversity, Konstantinos Nikou, Senior DevOps Engineer, considers the integral role inclusivity plays in driving success for businesses and employees alike.

Adeline Han, Programme Director

In the early years of my career, I was told that I was too quiet, too timid or not technically minded. In the latter parts of my career, as I gained experience and confidence in my own abilities, I have been accused of being too aggressive, overconfident and too emotional.

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Career profile

Adeline studied Computer Systems Engineering in Australia, where she graduated as one of 15 women in a class of 100. In 2016, while in New York, she was one of 11 women in a class of 68 studying towards a joint Executive MBA with Columbia Business School and London Business School. 

Adeline’s career started with technically focused roles, yet she quickly gravitated towards more business and change-oriented roles.

At Recordsure, Adeline is responsible for the successful implementation and delivery of Recordsure’s solution across our Voice client portfolio. She is an active member of Recordsure’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee, championing initiatives and change driven by the UN Global Goals of Quality Education and Climate Action.

Gender bias in the working environment

Throughout her career across Australia, the US and the UK, Adeline has experienced her fair share of gender stereotyping and bias clichés. 

“I’m a petite female of Chinese descent in a male-dominated industry,” Adeline says. She recalls times when she was challenged for being too quiet and not technically minded, then later in her career, she was confronted for being overconfident. 

Adeline’s experience resonates with many women as they face gender bias in the workplace. She feels more positive about gender diversity these days as the gender stereotype occurrences have become more of an exception in the last 5-6 years. 

Diversity at Recordsure

Recordsure strives to be an inclusive employer that promotes diversity. Within my specific function, Product, Delivery and Marketing, we are one of the few functions internally who has a higher female to male ratio.

Adeline’s function works closely and collaboratively with their technical and science counterparts. She comments: “Many within my functions do not have a technical background, but I’m happy and proud to say that despite this, we are treated with respect and with equal opportunities irrespectively.”

Now and then, the more technical team members need a reminder to switch back from ‘tech lingo’, but it is done with humour. Teams have an immense appreciation for each other and the advantages team diversity brings to projects.

Inclusivity encourages talent development

For Adeline, Recordsure’s inclusivity defines personal development opportunities that also benefit the business – and customers. Employees are given the trust and opportunities to expand their expertise beyond current roles to gain wider-reaching experience and challenge themselves.

I'm excited to work for a company that gives its employees trust and opportunities to expand their remit and realise their untapped potential.

Konstantinos, similarly to Adeline, appreciates Recordsure’s approach to diversity and the effortless way the company creates opportunities for talent development.

Konstantinos Nikou, Senior DevOps Engineer

Between all the companies I have worked for, Recordsure is one of the top places where inclusivity plays an integral role in driving our success by ensuring individual voices are heard irrespective of the person's gender, ethnic background and religious beliefs.

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Konstantinos recognises that within Recordsure’s business and technology teams, gender diversity is welcomed and highly valued, especially when it comes to personal and professional development.

He praises Recordsure for offering opportunities that empower the pursuit of roles outside one’s field of expertise and working within cross-functional teams: “We, as a business, are able to provide excellent products to customers while ensuring that all team members can fulfil their potential.”

Culture of equality and inclusivity

Recordsure’s pro-active attitude to providing equal opportunities and recognising individuals’ achievements, without prejudice or bias, has been remarked on by female and male employees across the business. 

Joe Norburn, CEO at Recordsure, applauds the employees and teams for their positive contribution towards inclusive culture at Recordsure and their exemplary respect and support for each other. 

“I’m proud of the diversity we have at Recordsure. We are diverse and inclusive by instinct, and we haven’t needed to make it an explicit initiative. When it’s a natural part of the modus operandi and our culture, inclusivity becomes just how we work and the key to what makes us, us.”

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