Create a secure and reliable record of your in-person and remote interviews and meetings

Recordsure Capture

Maintain an accurate record of your face-to-face or remote interviews. Our revolutionary, secure and digital solution - the Recordsure Capture app replaces outdated PACE CD or tape recorders

We’re a registered Crown Commercial Service supplier.

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Recordsure Capture app

Our recording app is compatible with iOS, Window and Android devices – plus an optional USB portable microphone is available. This patented, tamper-proof technology is trusted by UK Government and tier 1 banks and has been labelled a ‘game-changing solution’.

  • Easily record conversations in a range of environments with no internet required
  • Comprehensive and configurable form system, with field and audio bookmarking to capture data during a conversation 
  • Securely upload tamper-proof recordings with the ability to share with trusted parties
  • Secure Digital Network operation as defined by PACE codes E&F with patented audio fragmentation encryption system


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Recording, evidencing and analysis of your conversations

Recordsure Capture lets you securely record high-quality audio of in-person and remote meetings and interviews, whilst capturing metadata associated with the recording through a simple, user-friendly app.

Secure, patented technology

Our patented, tamper-proof audio fragmentation and encryption system means recordings and associated metadata are secure and protected at all points on the journey.

High quality audio
and data capture

Record relevant data to the meeting or interview via the app’s builtin form, to create reliable, authoritative records. PACE compliant if used in conjunction with Recordsure Advanced Microphones.

Easy to search

Audio and form metadata is uploaded to our easy-to-search web-based portal or your own storage, for access, review and playback – creating an irrefutable audit trail for all conversations.

Cost saving and efficient

Generate cost savings and efficiencies from faster data gathering and analysis whilst reducing average interview time through more efficient setup and completion.

Download a quick guide to Recordsure Capture to learn more. 


Securely record and store 100% of your meetings and interviews in one place, creating reliable authoritative records of what was said and when.


Gain peace of mind by using secure, tamper-proof technology, compliant with the PACE Act to record all your in-person and remote interviews and meetings.


Quick and easy access to all recordings via our web-based portal or your own storage, which can be securely shared with trusted third parties.


Add ConversationReviewAI for accurate, customised transcription, sophisticated speech analytics and in-depth insights

Case Studies

UK Government Department 

UK Government Department digitalises interview recording process to generate cost and efficiency savings

A UK government department needed a secure digital system for recording 5,000+ interviews every month between interviewees and government agents and for capturing the interviewee’s answers in a digital form alongside the interview.  

Interviewers use the Recordsure Capture app which provides a digital interview recording solution compliant with the PACE Act as a Secure Digital Network Solution, removing the need for legacy PACE tape recorders and creating a faster and more efficient interview setup process.  

The Capture App’s built-in Form is used by interviewers to digitally complete pre-set interview questions and then automatically uploaded alongside the recording, removing the need to manually complete and store paper-based forms.  

Recordsure is an approved Crown Commercial Service supplier (G-Cloud 13).

Large UK Tier 1 Bank

UK Tier 1 Bank transforms supervision of advice and compliance oversight

A large UK Tier 1 bank needed oversight of the conversations taking place in-person or via video call between financial planning managers and clients.

The client wanted an unobtrusive way of recording these conversations so they could be assured centrally. Recordsure provided the bank with our Capture app, giving supervisors and QA teams the ability to be ‘in the room’ with an adviser every time.  Advisers use the Capture app on their iOS and Windows devices to record face-to-face and VOIP conversations, which take place in a variety of live environments. The high-quality recording automatically and securely uploads to our Portal, creating a reliable and authoritative record of interactions the bank otherwise wouldn’t have a way of reviewing after the event.

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Easily record in-person conversations for evidencing, insight and analysis.