AI-powered RegTech for
post-conversation assessments

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of review teams by combining the power of our smart tech with your smart people.

ConversationReviewAI quickly identifies your high risk cases that require the most attention, so reviewers can focus their efforts and resolve them more effectively

Our unique approach to smart segmentation enables teams to complete reviews in half the time,
freeing up skilled staff to handle other important tasks.

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Whatever the review type,
our speech analytics can help

If you’ve got a process to comply with, we assure it.

Everyday monitoring

Stop relying on random sampling. Direct your Quality Assurance teams straight to the high-risk cases with AI models built on best-in-class QA frameworks.

Thematic reviews

Uncover potential conduct risk. Use AI to identify key risk indicators across large volumes of cases with minimal effort.


Reduce time and cost. Find the files that matter faster – underpinned by a consistent governance and controls framework.

Field recording

Mitigate the risks of a decentralised workforce. Quickly and easily access recordings of in-person conversations for insights, analysis and compliance.


Consistent every time

AI models trained on sector specific language by subject matter experts to apply review frameworks more accurately than humans, ensuring consistency every time

Targeted review of high-risk cases

Most review teams spend 90+% of their time reviewing cases with no issues. We find the needles in the haystack so you can stop relying on random sampling and focus your reviewers’ time on the cases most in need of review

2x faster reviews

Smart segmentation with industry-leading accuracy rates breaks conversations down into colour-coded topics aligned to your review checklists

100% oversight of review outcomes

AI assessment of all conversations achieves the previously unattainable gold standard of 100% oversight

Monitor, review and evidence for Consumer Duty

Futureproof your Consumer Duty compliance with our unique ReviewAI tools

  • Automated assessment of 100% of cases for complete oversight
  • Consistent approach to assurance and compliance
  • Targeted reviews to support evidencing of consumer outcomes
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your teams

Improve your conversation analytics

ConversationReviewAI, the ideal platform to complement your in-conversation analytics software tools

Traditional speech analytics

In-conversation analysis

  • Easily customisable ‘key word and phrase spotting’ designed for real-time alerts and screen-pop use
  • Simple sentiment indicators trained on general purpose conversation 


With post-conversation analysis

  • Highly trained, domain-specific deep Neural Networks, designed for in-depth post conversation reviews
  • Highly accurate topic detection that’s impossible to gain from key-phrase spotting

Cut through the noise


Complete manual reviews 2x faster


Identify cases that need review


All your conversations in one place

Audio Capture App

Gain oversight of in-person conversations

Cut through the noise

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Classify allows businesses to identify topics and process steps within customer interactions. The only product of its kind that visually organises conversations thematically and in alignment with a review checklist, for quicker and easier review of lengthy conversations.

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Assure spots anomalies and deviations in conversations and uses that data to highlight cases for human review, eliminating the need for random sampling.

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Our secure portal gives you the power to find, manage and review audio records with ease, either ingested directly from on-premise or cloud-based contact centres, or uploaded from our Capture app. Detailed MI output enables identification of thematic trends and supports evidencing of consumer outcomes.

Recordsure ConversationReviewAI Capture Portal

Audio Capture App

Capture lets you securely record face-to-face and remote meetings, creating a durable and reliable record of interactions you wouldn’t otherwise have oversight of, and providing the ability to incorporate these conversations in central analysis and compliance reviews. We created the App because we know that having an audio recording of face-to- face meetings, for compliance, is revolutionary – giving compliance teams the ability to be in the room with an advisor, every time.

We do things differently

Our products speak your language
Our specialists do the in-depth work, so you don’t have to
Our smart tech complements your smart people
Our RegTech is rooted in best-in-class compliance

We do things differently

  • Our products speak your language
  • Our specialists do the in-depth work, so you don’t have to
  • Our smart tech complements your smart people
  • Our RegTech is rooted in best-in-class compliance

Recordsure Capture - never miss a conversation

Recordsure Capture app will transform how you record face-to-face and virtual spoken interactions. This tamper-proof game-changing solution allows you to be ‘in the room’ every time, creating an irrefutable audit trail. The app uploads the recordings to our easy-to-search, web-based portal, where you can access them with ease for play back and review. 

  • Increase oversight and monitoring
  • Remove the need for in-person observations
  • Evidence consumer understanding and customer support


We help our clients deliver more effective and efficient reviews. Here’s how:


We help our clients deliver more effective and efficient reviews. Here’s how:

Document your evidence

Our expertise goes beyond the spoken word. 

CaseReviewAI is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your file review teams.