Recordsure partners with Iress to deliver a unique AI solution for financial services businesses

Recordsure partners with Iress to deliver a unique AI solution and advance financial services businesses’ performance and outcomes

We’re excited to announce our new collaboration with Iress, a technology company providing software to the financial services industry in the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Africa. This exciting collaboration between Recordsure and Iress offers smarter and faster resource-efficient AI tools for wealth management firms to monitor, review and evidence client advice.

Iress software, including its Xplan advice platform, is used by more than 10,000 businesses and half a million people worldwide. The collaboration with Recordsure offers Xplan users a unique AI solution to perform better and deliver more. 

Recordsure’s ReviewAI suite – a tailor-made solution for the financial services industry – is an exciting addition for Iress and Xplan users. ReviewAI provides comprehensive, flexible and time-saving management tools which simplify business processes, enhance compliance and improve delivery effectiveness, along with new resource efficiencies. 

ReviewAI features a suite of speech and document analytics tools that provide AI-driven RegTech solutions for suitability and assurance reviews – a revolutionary technology that helps financial services businesses transform their review processes.

Recordsure’s unique tools empower financial professionals to complete reviews twice as fast, remove reliance on random sampling by highlighting high-risk cases, and give access to data-powered MI to identify thematic trends. 

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