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Recordsure collaborates with carefully selected partners to help regulated businesses increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their review teams

Our ReviewAI technology is built on industry-leading expertise across a range of sectors
including financial services, government and utilities.

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Why choose our partner programme?

We work with you to create innovative, bespoke solutions designed to grow your business and serve your clients better. Here are just some of the reasons why partnering with us is a good idea.

Competitive advantage

Market-leading innovation through Recordsure’s cutting-edge, AI-powered technologies and products

Increase in revenue

Introduce smart RegTech to create upsell opportunities and strengthen client relationships

Growth opportunities

Unlock new growth potential with market-ready ReviewAI for quicker and more cost-effective client acquisitions

Cost savings

Utilise ReviewAI technologies to expand your capabilities – increasing your efficiencies and market reach

Fast, smart, consistent and cost-effective AI-powered RegTech for regulated industries

We advance the efficiency of the review process by combining smart people and smart tech. ReviewAI’s unique speech and document analytics tools achieve 100% oversight and efficient evidencing of outcomes.

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Solutions partners

Working together, we’re able to understand your aims and needs. We provide the best AI-powered solution for your specific business requirements – empowering you to broaden your solutions offering, expand your system’s capabilities, unlock new efficiencies and enhance your customer outcomes.

We become a part of your ecosystem, helping you to innovate and grow so you can continue to focus on what you do best. And with complete access to our industry expertise and AI-driven technology solutions, you’ll be able to achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently.

Our solution partners range from RegTech, Practice Management System providers and Professional Services organisations to Digital Solutions Providers, Transformation businesses and consultancies.

Enhance your solutions with our unique AI RegTech tools

Strategic alliances

This unique collaborative partnership offers the opportunity to harness our pioneering ReviewAI technology as a launch pad for improving your own solutions. We give you the tools to further develop your speech and document analytics technology by introducing new components and innovations– and in doing so, stepping up your game with a more comprehensive offering for your clients.

Integrating our AI-powered RegTech allows you to innovate without the need for additional investment and bring your advanced solutions to market faster. Leveraging the strengths of our technologies, you get cutting-edge solutions to enhance your services and expand your reach to new markets.

Our typical strategic alliance partners are Systems Integrators, CRM Vendors, and Speech Analytics Technology and Solution providers.

Step up your technology with our market-first AI RegTech

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