Why Recordsure?

When your integrity, security and commercial success are in the balance, you need to be sure you’re making the right choice.

The Recordsure difference


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No other tool is built on such expert financial services, customer care and compliance knowledge.

That’s important. The language of compliance is unique, the context of conversations and communications are specific, and the stakes are high.

With Recordsure you can be confident that the software you’re using can handle the complexity of the information you’re dealing with.


Recordsure delivers overwhelming accuracy, unmatched elsewhere in the industry.

The Recordsure AI has learnt from an unprecedented number of real-life, industry-relevant conversations and documents. It doesn’t just read and listen like a human can. It reads and listens like a compliance expert can.

Because we created this specialist field we know for a fact that nothing comes close to our level of reliability. And with accuracy comes more detailed and useful commercial insights.


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Don’t just take our word for this. Our revolutionary tech is trusted by top banks, financial services providers and governments.

This experience matters. We have the sophistication and understanding to perform in high-stakes environments. Our clients trust us because Recordsure is the only product specially built for financial services, an industry where security is beyond paramount.


Whether you need an option that fits seamlessly into your existing setup, or a tool that handles every stage and every channel, Recordsure can be configured to whatever you need.

Recordsure is made up of modules, so you can choose the products you want, tailored to your systems and processes.

Everything is designed with compatibility in mind.

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At the very centre of everything we do is an unshakable commitment to security. Without it Recordsure couldn’t really exist.

As first-comers in this specialist field, we know just how critical security is to our customers. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest possible levels of data protection. Even organisations with the most stringent requirements like banks and governments trust us with their data.

Don’t take a gamble with anything less.

Choosing Recordsure means you're not just working with the best in the specialist field, you're working with the people who created that specialist field.

Joe Norburn, CEO