Why Recordsure?

When your integrity, security and commercial success are at stake, you need to be sure you’re making the right choice

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Our products speak your language

Our proprietary AI is trained on sector-specific conversations and documents, allowing us to target the context and language of your industry.

Compared to the simple keyword matching typically used across the AI industry, our sophisticated contextual reasoning methodology yields a higher word accuracy rate.

Our specialists do the in-depth work, so you don’t have to

Our in-house AI training team, linguistics analysts, and speech recognition scientists use in-depth technical expertise to build our AI models.

Our specifically trained models apply review frameworks more accurately than humans – every time.

And because we do the groundwork, the research, and the technical development, you can start experiencing the benefits of ReviewAI faster.

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Our tech complements your people

ReviewAI works hand-in-hand with your specialists, allowing them to focus their expertise more efficiently.

Our AI flags up potential risks and pinpoints the exact section that needs reviewing.

Thanks to our expertise, your teams can spend their time where it’s really needed.

Our RegTech is rooted in best-in-class compliance

Backed by the 20 years of compliance experience of our sister company, TCC.

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