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ReviewAI – a smarter, faster way to
review customer interactions

Whatever the review type, our best-in-class AI technology
allows you to work more efficiently and effectively.
So you can keep your skilled people focused on the tasks
that need the human touch.

Everyday monitoring

Stop relying on random sampling

Direct your Quality Assurance teams straight to high-risk cases with AI models built on best-in-class QA frameworks.

Get complete oversight of your customer interactions, so your review teams can maximise their efficiency by focusing on the most critical cases.


Uses AI to segment conversations into review topics and halve the time it takes to complete reviews manually.


Uses AI-driven document standardisation to deliver consistency in your outcomes monitoring. Ensures that similar cases always receive similar outcomes.

Thematic reviews

Uncover potential conduct risks

Use AI to identify key risk indicators across large volumes of cases with minimal effort.

Identify trends or pinpoint risk indicators. Harness the power of ReviewAI’s automation and navigation tools to find what you’re looking for – and get the most out of your data with  sophisticated MI.


Uses thematic MI output to identify trends, mitigate risks and make continuous process improvements.



Targets specific document and content types with 100% coverage. Focuses on areas that might be of greater compliance risk – before they become a problem.


Reduce time and cost

Find the files that matter faster – underpinned by a consistent governance and controls framework.

Leave no stone unturned when reviewing your past business. With quick navigation and accurate risk scores for individual cases, ReviewAI lets you tackle remediation with speed and precision.


Uses AI trained to specific parameters to scan voice conversations and find the cases that need further investigation.


Uses AI to sift through the weight of documentationand get straight to the cases or content that require your review team’s attention.

Field recording

Mitigate the risks of a decentralised workforce

Quickly and easily access recordings of in-person conversations for insight, analysis and compliance.

Ensuring that your remote or decentralised teams are performing as expected can be challenging. ReviewAI allows you to listen again to in-person conversations – and take action if needed.


Securely records in-person conversations and easily accesses the recordings for central oversight to mitigate the risks of a decentralised workforce.

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Sectors we serve

We understand your business goals and how to achieve them. This is why our solutions enhance your reviews, whatever the scenario.

Financial Services

From mortgage lenders to wealth managers and beyond, ReviewAI helps financial businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their review teams and support evidencing of good consumer outcomes.


Government departments leverage our secure and tamper-proof technology to record, store and evidence their public-facing conversations with increased efficiency and consistency.


ReviewAI enables utility firms to increase coverage and quality of call monitoring without increasing cost.

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We help our clients deliver more effective and efficient reviews. Here’s how:


We help our clients deliver more effective and efficient reviews. Here’s how: