Our culture and social responsibility

Our values set the bar for the culture we strive for each day

Social responsibility at Recordsure and our commitment

We are ambitious, and we care. That’s why we’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions.

Recordsure and TCC operate an Environmental Management System, which includes the Environment Policy detailing the valuation of environmental impacts and environmental objectives. 

One of the key objectives is becoming carbon neutral by 2030, and this Carbon Reduction Plan details the progress towards this. 

Here is our Carbon Reduction plan

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Our culture represents how we do things at Recordsure

As an organisation, we aren’t afraid to be ambitious. We aspire to be recognised as global leaders in recording and records analytics. Getting there won’t just be down to the skills within the team: it will be driven by the attitudes we take every day towards our customers, towards one another and towards every challenge we face.

Our six values:

Value number one – Ambitious


If it was easy, everyone would do it. The problems Recordsure tackles are big ones, and solving them is transforming the industries we work in. Our entrepreneurial spirit, client focus and proactiveness have been the backbone of our achievements to date and those values will continue to drive our future business success, no matter what the challenge may be.

Value number two – Innovative


We are industry trailblazers because we lead rather than follow in others’ footsteps. Our actions are underpinned by a forward-thinking and tangible strategic plan that everyone understands and works towards. We are curious by nature and pragmatic in our approach. We course-correct when we need to, but always do so consciously. We adapt to ensure we continue to be relevant and compelling for our customers.

Value number three – Collaborative


Working cohesively, supporting one another and the ability to communicate between teams located across the globe is essential in achieving our true potential. Our work environment is down-to-earth with a flat hierarchy where ideas can be challenged in a constructive manner. We’re proactive in giving feedback to each other, irrespective of rank. 

Value number four – responsible


Working at Recordsure is a team-sport but we take personal responsibility for the high quality of our work and understand the impact our actions have across the landscape of the business. Teams are given the autonomy to do what they are good at. Everyone in the organisation has the opportunity to contribute fresh ideas and no one is unaccountable. When we make mistakes we always learn from them.

Value number five – quality-driven


We are obsessive about delivering quality customer outcomes. We know we work best when we take pride in what we do: our achievements are a product of this pride, and our bar is set high. We are determined to ensure that everything we do is of the highest quality. We celebrate when we pull a blinder and we know it’s important to keep a healthy work-life balance to make this sustainable long term. We look after each other.

6 green circle


We are passionate about creating products and solutions that put customers first, ensure good outcomes, and improve trust and transparency in the markets within which we operate. As a purposeful company, we don’t stop there. We actively go beyond the scope of the products we build to support causes close to our employees’ hearts. This is reflected in our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging increased engagement and interest in STEM subjects through our partnership with STEM Learning.

These words are worthless if they aren’t put into action

Our values are woven into our team and personal objectives to ensure they steer us on a collective and individual basis.

Sometimes, these values may clash. Conflicts can be inevitable, but keeping an open, honest and positive forum to discuss what we should focus on will help us continue to come out on top!