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Does your organisation have over 500 hours of customer conversations a month, either in-person or online that you’d like – or are required – to record? If so, we’ve got a solution right up your street. 

Never miss a conversation again. Recordsure Capture’s secure, patented app will transform how you record face-to-face and virtual spoken interactions. This tamper-proof game-changing solution allows you to be ‘in the room’ every time, creating an irrefutable audit trail. The app uploads the recordings to our easy-to-search, web-based portal, where you can access them with ease for play back and review. 

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Complimentary 90-day trial – here’s
how it works

1. The free trial is for firms that carry out more than 500 hours of conversations a month.
2. Once you’ve completed the form request, we’ll get in touch and talk you through the next steps so you can start to harness the power of Capture.

3. You have three months to benefit from Capture’s record, review and play back functionality. And if you need any help, we’ll be right here, always ready to assist you to make sure you get the most out of the trial.

4. Before the trial finishes, we’ll create a report to show you how your recorded data can become an ever more powerful and insightful tool by utilising Recordsure’s ConversationReviewAI suite.

5. Once your trial ends, you can simply walk away if you decide Capture is not for you (but we can’t believe that you would want to). But if you’re ready to benefit from all that Capture has to offer – we’ll seamlessly transition you to a three-year rolling contract, paid as a monthly subscription. You can terminate the contract after the first three years at any time. 

Free 90-day trial is available until 15th March 2024

Record less than 500 hours of conversations a month?

We’ve got you covered! Our superb, cost-effective Pay As You Go option is perfect for smaller operations – we can get you to start recording your conversations in no time.

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Recordsure Capture app

Securely record face-to-face and remote meetings to create a reliable, authoritative, high-quality record of spoken interactions.

  • Record offline or when no internet connection is available 
  • Comprehensive and configurable form system, with field and audio bookmarking to capture data during a conversation 
  • Supports enterprise SSO for user login and management 

Never miss a conversation


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