In the spotlight: Laura Wathen, Finance Director at Recordsure

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To mark International Women’s Day, we are celebrating female talent and bringing into the spotlight some of the remarkable women who work at Recordsure. We asked them about their views on gender bias, inclusivity and diversity.

Laura Wathen, Finance Director

Career profile

Laura started her career in investment banking, moved into investment and private equity, and joined Recordsure and TCC as Finance Director a year and a half ago.

Gender bias in the working environment

Laura has spent the majority of her career in traditionally male-dominated industries. In her first job, she was the only woman in the company who wasn’t a secretary. In her second job, in a much bigger bank, there was only one female managing director in her division of 100+ people.

Laura Wathen Recordsure Headshot B&W

“Truthfully, it didn’t bother me overly in my early 20s,” Laura says. “But in time I came to realise that while success certainly didn’t depend on your gender, it did depend on your assimilation to a ‘male’ culture, prizing total dedication to work above other personal commitments, particularly family.”

Laura continues: “Becoming a parent was the moment when I first properly felt my ‘other-ness’ and saw it affect my career, both in choices I made, choices I had to make, and in choices that were made for me.”

Diversity at Recordsure

Recordsure’s positive attitude to providing equal opportunities and recognising individual’s achievements without prejudice or bias, certainly resonates with female employees across teams and functions.

Consequently, for me, a hallmark of a workplace free of gender discrimination is one that trusts men and women to make choices about the balance of work and home life. I see a lot of this intention at Recordsure and applaud it.

Compassion during crises

In addition to diversity, Recordsure employees also commented on the empathy and support they received from colleagues, managers and leaders during the pandemic, helping them get through the hardship and challenges of lockdowns. 

Laura believes that working parents have been under extreme pressure due to Covid-19, but there is a silver lining.

It's been a very tough year to be a parent of school-age children. Perhaps one silver lining of that evident extra burden has been the respect and recognition that others now more readily accord working parents of both sexes.

Recordsure is an employer that has shown great empathy throughout the Covid-19 crises, a compassionate employer that celebrates diversity, encourages personal growth and provides opportunities, without bias.

Joe Norburn, CEO at Recordsure, comments: “At Recordsure, we are proud of our inclusivity and diversity, and creating working environments that promote opportunities and talent.”

Remarkable women of Recordsure

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