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Recordsure’s 2021: A Year in Review

2021 has been another watershed year for the financial services sector: new working arrangements, emerging digital channels and increasing regulatory standards are reshaping the way business is conducted across the sector.

But despite the many challenges, it’s no exaggeration to say the past 12 months have been one of the busiest and most rewarding chapters in Recordsure’s history. For one thing, our technology has continued to take a foothold in a regulatory climate where automation is fast moving from a luxury item to a fundamental tool in firms’ compliance arsenals.

And we’re delighted to say that the past year has been one of our best yet in terms of awards and recognition. Our AI-driven speech and document recognition platforms earned us the Innovative Use of Artificial Technology award at the Wealth European Awards. We were also recognised for our collaborative work with KPMG in Australia with the renowned Partner Innovation prize at the ARN Innovation Awards.

Of the latter, Recordsure and TCC Group CEO Joe Norburn remarked:

We're privileged to collaborate with KPMG on some of their most prestigious projects.

This award is a wonderful recognition of the hard work and dedication from KPMG and Recordsure to bring innovation and efficiencies to the heart of solving the challenges of the financial services industry.

Joe Norburn, Group CEO, Recordsure and TCC

But that’s not all, as Recordsure was included on several 2021 lists of influential firms and technology providers – including ranking a fantastic 4th place on the RegTech 50 and being featured in RegTech Analyst’s RegTech 100. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art machine learning platforms were amongst those shortlisted for RegTech of the Year at the UK FinTech Awards.

Meanwhile, our Founder and Executive Chair at Recordsure and TCC Joanne Smith continued to be praised for her achievements as one of the RegTech sector’s most prominent innovators. This year, she placed among the Senior Leaders in the annual Women In FinTech Powerlist – in addition to taking home the influential Innovator of the Year award at the 2021 Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance awards.

 Joanne said:

I'm passionate about leading the industry change with FinTech to create a fairer, more compliant industry and achieve better outcomes for financial services customers. Being included in the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2020 is a significant recognition of the work we do.

Joanne Smith, Founder and Executive Chair, Recordsure and TCC

It’s always an honour to win these fantastic awards – a direct result of the significant traction our RegTech solutions have gained this year – but what matters the most to us is the positive feedback from  our clients and their appreciation of our dedication to making compliance simple and efficient. 

Joe Norburn commented:

The success we’ve had this year is a testament to the sheer amount of teamwork that goes on here every day at Recordsure.

I couldn’t be prouder of the awards we’ve won and the fact our intelligent RegTech products are going from strength to strength. I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work as well as our clients and partners for their ongoing support. We can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring!

Joe Norburn, Group CEO, Recordsure and TCC

2022 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for us. We’re kicking off the year by collaborating with our sister company, TCC, on several key projects. By combining TCC’s deep compliance expertise with our pioneering RegTech innovation, we can deliver the best possible solutions to our clients – helping to drive innovation and improve outcomes across the financial services sector. 

We wish everyone a very happy new year – we’ll see you in 2022!

Recordsure_CSR Silver Medal_Ecovadis

Recordsure achieves silver rating for our commitment to sustainability

We've earned a silver rating in our EcoVadis sustainability assessment!

Recordsure received a silver medal in the recent EcoVardis sustainability assessment and placed within the top 19% of all businesses surveyed within the computer programming and consultancy industries to date.

Here at Recordsure, we’re serious about sustainability. We believe that addressing environmental, social and ethical concerns in financial services benefits our clients, their customers, and ultimately the planet we all depend on. 

That’s why we’re so delighted about achieving the silver rating!

Recordsure_CSR Silver Medal_Ecovadis

As one of the most thorough and well-trusted business sustainability rankings worldwide, the EcoVardis assessment is conducted in accordance with the latest international sustainability standards – including the United Nations Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000 – and overseen by an expert committee of supply chain and green business specialists. The assessment methodology has been used by 75,000 companies worldwide.

The key four focus areas are environment, ethics, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement. 

Recordsure’s silver rating is a fantastic achievement and reflects our increasing efforts to support environmental, social and ethical causes through business activities and broader strategies over the past few years. 

We’re incredibly proud of the ‘Advanced’ score within the Ethics category, which exemplifies our commitment to fostering socially conscious values among the wider team. We promote an inclusive, forward-thinking culture that puts customers at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make.

Recordsure's silver rating is a fantastic acknowledgement of the work we're doing to ensure the highest possible standards in sustainable procurement, labour and human rights, ethical practices and environmental actions. We know how important transparency is to our clients and partners, and this award is a testament to our dedication to delivering to the highest industry standards.

Victoria Mansbridge, Head of Bid Management, Recordsure & TCC

We would like to thank EcoVardis for their encouragement and support and look forward to continuing our purpose-driven innovation in the new year and beyond.

Recordsure and TCC Wealth Webinar-On Demand

What’s on the horizon for the wealth industry in 2022 and beyond

Wealth and Asset Management 4.0 global study outlined changing trends and investor expectations, what’s next for wealth firms?

The wealth and asset management industry is well-established, often branded as relatively slow-moving, but it’s evident there’s a tangible opportunity for firms to shift the way they’ve traditionally done things in response to these market trends. 

Watch On-Demand

Wealth industry experts consider the actions wealth management firms need to take in response to changing investor expectations while ensuring positive investor-advisor relationships in the future.

So what's changed

The digital investment that firms have made over the past few years accelerated the recent introduction of new communication channels. This means investors now have the advantage of a wider range of communications channels to engage with their advisers.

Better engagement with investors is proving to be a highly strategic, commercially viable move. Those firms that are leading the way are reaping the benefits of higher productivity and increased assets-under-management. Ultimately, this results in higher revenues, a greater market share and the ability to deliver more value for shareholders.

Increased focus on ESG and socially responsible investing offers firms a fresh opportunity to distinguish themselves in the market. To lead the way, firms shouldn’t just be considering how to incorporate ESG into their products but also how to embed ESG factors into their strategy and internal culture.

Wealth management firms are facing greater competition. The new investor is more readily prepared to invest in products that truly meet their needs, with firms that offer greater transparency and fair treatment for clients. Such an approach not only delivers the best possible outcomes for investors and boosts the firm’s performance but keeps the regulators happy too.

The shifts in investor expectations has meant firms are under more pressure than ever to connect the new ways of working with processes, supervisory oversight, regulatory guidelines, and compliance. RegTech tools can help firms overcome these challenges. It’s clear the rapid change the industry is undergoing has emphasised the need to fast-track the deployment of analytics tools to monitor, analyse and review all client interactions at scale.

RegTech tools are readily available for wealth firms to utilise, helping to deliver compliance goals and better business efficiencies while also driving commercial benefits.

Meet the experts

Independent Senior Advisor, Conduct Risk & Culture

Founder and CEO, Kore Labs

Ian Ewart

Independent Senior Advisor, Conduct Risk & Culture

Head of Culture, TCC & ex-FCA Culture Lead Associate

Group CEO, RecordsureTCC


KPMG and Recordsure win Partner Innovation Award

ARN announced the winners of the Innovation Awards 2021, featuring a leading and diverse line-up of partners, vendors, distributors and individuals. The event sets the industry benchmark for ecosystem innovation and excellence across Australia.

Partner Innovation Award recognises customer innovation and excellence across the key market segments of Enterprise, Mid-Market and SMB, in addition to pioneering technology specialists and collaborative providers. KPMG Australia received this prestigious award for the Enterprise category, which marks the significance of the partnership with Recordsure. KPMG and Recordsure are focused on driving innovation and utilising Recordsure Document and Voice analytics solutions to address regulatory compliance, manage risk and drive better customer outcomes.  

KPMG wins this award for its work with Recordsure to deliver an industry-leading document analytics service to financial firms in the local market, helping to drive compliance and risk management. The two companies are now working together to solve some of the largest compliance and operational issues at the heart of financial services in Australia.

ARN Innovation Awards 2021

With a background in financial services and a proven track record in the industry, Recordsure continually develops smart technology to support teams and increase capacity for advisers, support staff and supervisors. Our analytics and automation tools drive huge efficiencies in review processes.

We're privileged to collaborate with KPMG on some of their most prestigious projects. This award is a wonderful recognition of the hard work and dedication from KPMG and Recordsure to bring innovation and efficiencies to the heart of solving the challenges of the financial services industry.

Joe Norburn, Group CEO for Recordsure and TCC

Recordsure offers uniquely repeatable AI-driven solutions to strategic partners. Our RegTech products can be integrated with virtually any BPM systems, complementing rather than replacing the systems in place. Clients can be remediated quicker and more efficiently, freeing up their clients’ time and resources to respond to customers’ needs and grievances faster, and to focus on nurturing customer relationships

Worldwide Financier_RegTech Feature Article

NEWS: RegTech rising, a regulatory revolution

Joe Norburn, CEO at Recordsure and TCC, explains the significance of robust compliance monitoring - and RegTech, set by the pace of technology acceleration across the sector.

To master the wide range of legislation requirements, financial institutions need to find a way to automate analysis, understand impacts, change business practices and processes and fine-tune reporting.

RegTech automates repetitive tasks, monitors regulatory changes in real-time, generates reports and alerts FIs’ compliance staff to potentially fraudulent activity. Such automation allows compliance personnel to focus on high-value work that augments their role and increases organisational efficiencies.

As Joe Norburn, CEO at Recordsure & TCC, explains: “Over the last 12 to 18 months, firms have been exposed to alternative communication channels but are not fully engaged with them. As a result, there needs to be new processes and controls in place to ensure regulatory compliance and fair outcomes for customers across all communication channels and at every stage of the customer journey.”

While RegTech solutions strive to make regulatory compliance monitoring and risk reporting, among other things, a simpler endeavour for financial institutions, there are also particular barriers to implementation that financial institutions need to overcome.

Joe Norburn - Wealth Management Study

The accelerated deployment of new technology-led solutions ensures business continuity and adaptation to remote working. Innovative technology helps firms manage conduct risk and compliance along with a healthy and inclusive company culture. The next challenge is to carefully assess the new technology portfolio and ensure true alignment with long-term business strategy.

Joe Norburn, CEO, Recordsure & TCC

Technological advances in AI and ML have driven the industry’s development of powerful, intelligent tools to manage risk and compliance.

In a broad and varied marketplace, financial institutions can now choose RegTech on their own terms – taking into consideration the accuracy, suitability and scalability of solutions – rather than being at the mercy of tech giants.

“Given the fundamental shift in customer behaviour and attitudes over the past couple of years, this trend is set to continue,” Joe concludes. “Forward-looking firms that invest in AI- and ML-driven solutions ahead of others are already reaping the commercial benefits and will continue to do so with ever-evolving intelligent technologies.”

View the Financier Worldwide Magazine article