Recordsure launches free AI meeting notes

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Recordsure is proud to launch its new AI meeting notes solution, which is available FREE of charge to all Recordsure clients.
This new feature allows financial services firms to turn their client conversations into compliant, actionable summaries – all achievable 80% faster than traditional manual admin methods allow. To celebrate this milestone, Recordsure is also releasing open-source AI meeting code for Microsoft Azure OpenAI to everyone for free, levelling the GenAI meeting notes playing field.

The financial advice industry has been subject to intense scrutiny from clients and regulators, with firms under increased pressure to deliver advice with greater transparency.

Recordsure AI solutions play a major part in helping advice firms to record client conversations and evidence advice in a compliant manner – whilst providing tools to improve productivity and speed up client admin processes.

With Recordsure AI meeting notes, firms can now increase their operational efficiencies and create meeting summaries 80% faster, freeing up valuable time for advisers to spend with clients.

Recordsure AI meeting notes

The new, free Recordsure AI meeting notes solution significantly reduces the time advisers need to spend on admin tasks, increasing a firm’s profitability without scaling up the team.

By eliminating the need to write notes in meetings, Recordsure AI reduces post-meeting admin tasks for the adviser and paraplanner. It seamlessly integrates with practice management systems and helps firms create well-structured, standardised meeting summaries with superior consistency and accuracy.

AI meeting notes must be validated by a human if used for decision-making and evidence

Since the introduction of GPT-based large language models (LLMs) two years ago, a significant number of AI-generated meeting note solutions have been introduced to the market, with various levels of output potential and ‘future’ capabilities.

If an advice firm wants to use AI-generated meeting notes for decision-making or as evidence, the meeting notes have to be validated by a human (an adviser or a paraplanner).

Yet many of the GenAI meeting notes solutions currently available leave advice firms with incomplete, inaccurate meeting summaries – and outputs unsuitable for use in client advice.

What’s more, firms are left out of pocket, while the current cost price to generate an industry-specific, topic-separated meeting note with the secure OpenAI GPT models hosted on Microsoft Azure, is only about 1.6p (GBP) or 2¢ (USD) per hour of transcript.

That’s why Recordsure is making AI meeting notes accessible to all for free.

Recordsure AI meeting notes, free to all clients

Recordsure AI meeting note generation is now included within Recordsure’s Capture solution for recording face-to-face and online conversations, bundled for free with conversation transcripts.

Clients that are using Recordsure’s more advanced ConversationAI tools get higher quality outputs and sophisticated solutions to efficiently verify meeting notes – turning client conversations into compliant, actionable summaries, suitable for decision-making – again, at no extra cost.

Recordsure’s ready-to-use AI technology is rapid to deploy and offers seamless integration with practice management systems​. Recordsure has over 12 years of experience with AI, established with advice firms, tier 1 banks and the UK government. 

Open-source AI meeting code, free to all firms

Recordsure released its open-source AI meeting code for Microsoft Azure OpenAI to everyone, to allow firms to experiment with generating AI meeting summaries and explore the abilities and drawbacks of unvalidated GenAI meeting notes tools for free.

For full disclosure and transparency, the AI meeting generator code provided (as should any GPT-based AI meeting note products from any vendor) comes with the disclaimer that a human must verify the output before relying on its content for customer or advice action. This is in line with the Recordsure Responsible AI policy, the UK GDPR and the EU AI Act policies.

Recordsure’s open-source code for GPT-based AI meeting notes is available on Github 


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