Turn client conversations into
compliant, actionable summaries

80% faster

with Recordsure AI meeting notes

Introduce new efficiencies to your client admin
processes and increase adviser productivity

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Boost efficiencies

Recordsure AI meeting notes help firms save time while improving output consistency.

  • Eliminate the need to write notes in meetings
  • Reduce post-meeting admin 
  • Free up adviser time

Create reliable, actionable summaries more than 80% faster with Recordsure AI meeting notes

Increase adviser productivity

Allow your adviser to spend more time working on building client relationships rather than on burdensome admin.

More time with clients

Allow your advisers to focus on the conversation whilst adding value and enhancing the strength of customer relationships.

Grow your profitability

Focus more on your clients’ needs, with the ability to scale up your business without scaling up your team.

Better client outcomes

Achieve faster advice turnaround times with more accurate conversation data and higher client satisfaction and retention.

Post-meeting efficiencies

Mitigate the need for clarification and validation of facts. Easy transfer of accurate information into the Process Management System.

Download a quick guide to Recordsure AI meeting notes to learn more. 

We do things differently

Because of our deep understanding of the AI and our background in compliance, we help firms validate the GenAI outcomes to ensure that your AI meeting notes are accurate, reliable and suitable for decision making.

Accurate, reliable AI meeting summaries, suitable for decision making

Recordsure AI meeting notes generate notes summary, assisted by GenAI, and provide you with the right tools to validate the accuracy of the GenAI notes. The validation stage allows you to review each element of the meeting notes summary by checking both supporting and conflicting evidence.

1. Generate meeting summary

  • Record in-person or video conversations with Recordsure Capture
  • Transcribe the conversation with leading language models
  • Automatically generate a meeting summary, assisted by GenAI technology

2. Validate accuracy and evidence

  • Provide transcript excerpts that support the conclusion in the meeting summary
  • Highlight conflicting evidence
  • Create more accurate and reliable meeting notes for advice actions

To use GenAI meeting notes for advice, key summary elements have to be validated by a human. Here is our Responsible AI policy. 

Free up adviser time

With meeting notes being taken care of, your advisers can focus much higher proportion of their time advising clients, deepening relationships and developing new business opportunities.

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Eliminate the need to write notes in meetings

  • Give full focus to your conversations and enjoy great client engagement
  • Deepen your client relationships
  • Introduce more succinct and efficient meetings

Reduce post-meeting admin

  • Faster turnaround of follow-up actions for better service and greater client satisfaction
  • No need for the adviser to further elaborate meeting notes post-meeting
  • Important fact find and advice facts are included
  • A well-structured and consistently formatted meeting summary
  • Eliminate further clarification calls with admin or paraplanners
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ConversationAI helps advice firms

Advisers spend 50% more time with clients

Offer improved client experience and understanding of client objectives

Create meeting notes more than 80% faster with AI

Benefit from significant efficiencies in the hand-off process between paraplanners and advisers

Securely capture in-person and online conversations

Get authoritative transcripts and easy-to-access, searchable records of 100% client conversations

Ready-to-use, rapid to deploy AI technology

Seamless integration with Practice Management Systems. Established with advice firms, tier 1 banks and the UK Government

See it in action

Turn client conversations into compliant, actionable summaries 80% faster