Target anomalous patterns within a conversation instead of incomplete random sampling

Assure overview

Assure | Recordsure

Building upon upstream AI systems, like Classify, Assure identifies anomalous patterns within a conversation. For example, a financial Disclosure that appears to be suspiciously short or a Recommendation that appears before a supporting Income discussion would contribute to an overall risk score for the conversation. The resulting risk ranking, over all conversations, allows reviewers to move beyond incomplete random sampling procedures. Instead, a targeted review can take place with the conversations of greatest concern being flagged for review.

What does it do?

Building on from Classify, Assure offers additional levels of insight from by tracking anomalous pattern within conversations.

Assure uses advanced AI to understand what a good or normal interaction looks like in order to flag best practice and highlight possible risks. For instance, in regulated environments, if discussion of due diligence has taken less time than usual or if a recommendation has been made at the start of a conversation without the necessary research having been conducted then these can be highlighted as risks.

Streamlined tools on the Recordsure dashboard allow reviewers to zone in on these flagged areas quickly and efficiently, enabling firms to monitor 100% of their interactions and target resources intelligently. This allows organisations to completely remove the need for incomplete random sampling and provides a more effective alternative to mystery shopping.

As well as highlighting risks, Assure can track positive signs like effective sales messaging and best performance. This can in turn be used to help train other members of the team using real-life examples.

As well as being able to provide insights into individuals, it can also be applied on a more macro basis across teams and organisations to create valuable business intelligence to guide strategic thinking and reduce risks on a wider systemic basis.

Assure is a uniquely powerful tool which transforms business processes to meet objectives ranging from compliance and risk management through to sales optimisation.

How is it used?

Undertake reviews in full detail

Move from inefficient and incomplete random reviews to targeted reviews that intelligently flag your most concerning interactions.

Target specific conversations

Targeted review of conversations which are of greatest concern from a regulatory compliance perspective.

Learn from past experience

Identify best practice to use as training examples.

Identify your areas of weakness

Identify underperforming sales or compliance agents who consistently miss key conversational topics along with support to help them improve performance.

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