Digitalised interview recordings deliver cost and efficiency savings

CASE STUDY: Government Department – UK
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UK Government Department generates cost and efficiency savings by digitalising their interview recording process

A UK government department wanted to digitalise their interview recording and storage process which, at the time, was completed using tape recordings and paper-based forms. The forms were completed by hand then physically filed and stored alongside the recordings for evidence and future reference. The process was manual, slow and inefficient and in some cases, the accuracy of the information was challenged.

The client needed a secure digital system for recording 5,000+ interviews every month between interviewees and government agents – a mixture of video calls and face-to-face conversations – and for capturing the interviewee’s answers in a digital form alongside the interview.

The recording needed to be high-quality and securely stored alongside supporting documentation to be readily available when requested by the interviewee, legal representatives, internal supervisors or other relevant parties.

Recordsure solution


Interviewers use the Recordsure Capture app on Windows devices which provides a digital interview recording solution compliant with the PACE Act as a Secure Digital Network Solution, removing the need for legacy PACE tape recorders and creating a faster and more efficient interview setup process.

High-quality audio recordings of face-to-face and remote interviews are easily and securely captured, creating a reliable and authoritative record of every interview.


The Capture App’s built-in Form is used by interviewers to digitally complete pre-set interview questions and then automatically uploaded alongside the recording, removing the need to manually complete and store paper-based forms. Use of the digital form creates efficiencies in the interview completion process, leading to better utilisation of interviewers’ time and skills.


All interview recordings and forms are stored in our secure web-based Portal and are quickly and easily accessible for review, providing an easy to search and irrefutable audit trail for all interviews. The interview audio and form – in a government-branded PDF format – can both be downloaded to be shared with relevant parties.


  • £125k cost saving per annum by removing paper from the process
  • 4.4 hour average interview time saving per case as a result of faster and more efficient interview setup and completion
  • 3x faster data gathering and analysis, reduced from 22 days to less than 7 days
  • Reduction in expensive travel and subsistence costs for case workers and interpreters through ability to record multi-site, multi-party remote interviews
  • Easily accessible and searchable case files

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