How to drive consistent QA through remote and in-person communication channels

As financial advice teams adapt to hybrid client communications across telephony, video and in-person meetings, how do they ensure consistent risk management and quality assurance?
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Now that the UK is over the first hurdle of the pandemic, the return to office life has begun. For some, the home office is still their domain, while others are returning to offices and field-based roles. Whatever environment you find yourself in, teams need to be well equipped for the complexities that financial services can bring, ensuring there are no gaps in the net with regards to customer outcomes or compliance.

Compliance regulations

As government guidelines have shifted, so too have the ways we work and the ways we conduct client meetings. The channels we use to interact are in constant flux: even as meeting in-situ becomes a more viable option again, many demographics who once wouldn’t have been seen as ‘tech-savvy’ have grown a preference for digital communication channels. Regardless of format, the client experience needs to be consistent across all brand touch points.  

Firms have generally overcome the first challenge the pandemic has thrown at them: staying in contact with their clients. The next challenge to overcome is how to do this on a sustainable basis, with the right infrastructure in place to ensure risk management and positive client outcomes. With organisations switching to video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to complement telephony, we are often finding that measures to monitor compliance or quality assurance have struggled to keep pace with the changes elsewhere.

Cut off from regular office infrastructure, many client meetings are going unrecorded, with follow-up information limited to the key points the adviser manages to write down during the call. Even when recorded, the audio files are often left to gather dust on a database with no practical way to review them or harness the data. This creates vulnerabilities to new risks and increases the chances of poor customer outcomes.

These challenges are exacerbated by disconnects in teams forced by remote working. Supervisors are struggling to monitor their team’s performance outside the office whilst advisers aren’t getting the level of support they would ideally hope for.

A digital hybrid solution

Our solution, Capture, is highly versatile and designed to gather records from all meeting types. The innovative tool records conversations whether by telephone, video call or in-person meetings using smart AI-driven software to intelligently understand the language used for data management, meeting transcription and deeper analytics.

Using Recordsure’s knowledge model, which is built on over 6 years’ of real-live conversation data from financial services, the system accurately identifies different patterns of speech while distinguishing between accents, dialects and tones. Recordings are automatically organised to make search and retrieval fast and easy. Capture allows supervisors to follow their team’s advice remotely and enables advisers to go through their own records for feedback from managers, self-review or evidence key discussion points when talking to customers.

With teams buckling under the burden of post-meeting admin for instance, we are finding advisers and paraplanners can reclaim two days a week through smart automation. 

No two business models are the same though, so to help illustrate the impact technology like this can have, we have developed a free interactive tool to help calculate the amount of time that could be freed up for advisers and supervisors through innovative new technology. 

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