Record customer interactions and gather them in one place, so you can see absolutely everything.

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Record it, store it, review it. Simple.

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Capture is the basis for everything in Voice. Take your conversations with customers and turn them into fully transcribed, searchable and secure records.

Giving you human-level accuracy, military-grade security and the power to manage your audio records with ease, Capture brings it all together.

Sophisticated speech recognition

Sophisticated speech recognition

Most companies record their telephony contact centre calls with customers, but face-to-face meetings tend to be left behind. Using the Recordsure mobile app to record a face to face meeting is simple, unobtrusive and secure.

The quality of microphone in a modern smartphone means that you get a high quality recording without needing any additional recording equipment.

For recording environments that are a little less mobile, our Windows app does everything our mobile app does. We can supply high-quality, noise-reducing microphones that ensure you get the best possible recording, every time.

And if you’re recording already, be that through you telephony systems or your own face to face recording solution, that’s no problem. We can process a wide range of audio formats to provide you with valuable analysis and insights on your conversations.

Turn conversations into authentic records

Beyond having a durable and reliable record of the conversation, simply having a recording adds little additional business value by itself.

That’s where our best-in-class speech recognition and transcription solution comes in.

By training our speech-to-text engine specifically on the nuance of language found in financial services conversations, we are able to deliver accuracy levels that consistently out-perform alternative solutions.

We have trained our model on a wide range of dialects and accents across both the UK and Australia, able to identify changes in speaker and present transcripts in a way that is easy to follow.

This turns your audio recording into a readable, searchable and even exportable document.

Turn conversations into authentic records​

Store and protect your data

Store and protect your data​

We take the protection of data extremely seriously. We are proud to be ISO27001:2013 certified for this very reason.

Once your recording is complete, it is automatically uploaded to your secure storage solution in the cloud and deleted from the recording device. If cloud isn’t for you, we also have a military-level secure data centre in the UK.

You remain in full control over who can record and playback a conversation.

Nothing else comes close

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No other tool is built on such expert financial services, customer care and compliance knowledge

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We’re ISO27001:2013 certified, and protect your data with the strictest military-grade security, either in our UK data centre or with cloud storage

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Recordsure is made up of modules, so you can choose the products you want, tailored to your systems and processes

Product summary: Capture

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Record your conversations using your smartphone or Windows PC. Transfer audio from other sources – including telephony or digital meeting software like Skype.

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Store all your recordings safely and securely in the cloud or in our UK data centre, all designed for scalable storage management and quick search and retrieval. Remain in full control of who can access your data and when.

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Powerful speech-to-text software that’s as accurate as a human transcriber, with the precision and speed of a machine. Built to work with compliance and financial services, tackling highly specialised language as well as dialects and accents.

Capture is the foundation stone of everything we do at Recordsure. The value of having an accurate, easy-to-navigate transcription of a conversation cannot be underestimated. It's crucial to getting valuable insight further down the line.

Garry Evans, Chief Product Officer