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After every meeting, relationship managers and support staff need to tackle a mountain of admin, much of which can now be automated

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Introducing Extract

Extract is a post-meeting automation tool designed specifically for wealth managers, relationship managers, financial advisers and their support staff. 

The solution records, transcribes and stores client meetings before automatically drawing out key facts from the conversation. Information such as contact details, investments and liabilities are extracted and clearly mapped out on an intuitive dashboard for easy access in follow up work.

  • Free up adviser capacity by enabling them to delegate or simplify 80% of their post-meeting admin
  • Streamline handovers and briefings between relationship managers and paraplanners
  • Enable paraplanners and support staff to operate 40% faster by having all the information they need at their fingertips
  • Improve the client experience by completely avoiding the need to disrupt meetings with manual note taking
  • Scalable solution which can be deployed across 100% of client meetings
  • Strengthen compliance and risk management with a comprehensive audit trail of client conversations across telephony, video and face-to-face meetings

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