Spend less time reviewing, with your recordings automatically categorised based on their content

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Tailored to your requirements, Triage quickly works out whether a conversation needs further analysis or if it is not relevant to the review.

Save time and effort, and see everything you need to see.

Make the most of your review time

Categorise your recordings

AI based content extraction​

With any large sample of recordings, you’ll spend a significant amount of time simply working out whether the content of a recorded conversation is relevant to a review. Triage puts a stop to this laborious process.

Triage uses finely tuned machine learning, based on natural language processing (NLP) to scan the language used within a recording and determine whether follow up action might be required. This isn’t just based on keyword and phrase searches but also complex conversational themes, for example segmenting every case where a recommendation was made by an adviser.

Because Triage looks at the content of the conversation itself, it works even if you don’t have reliable or comprehensive metadata.

Search less, see more

If you have a large number of historical recordings to sort through, only a portion of which might be relevant to your review, then Triage can quickly strip out the ones that don’t need your attention.

Often this can be enough to pass a much smaller sample size to human reviewers, making things quicker and more efficient for a lot less effort.

But if you’re looking to get even more from your recordings using our other Voice analytics tools, Triage tells you which conversations you should process further. Using Triage, you should never have to waste time listening to an audio recording only to find it is unrelated to the review at hand.

Timelines, sorting and filtering​

Nothing else comes close

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We’ve proven to clients and regulators that Recordsure has comparable accuracy to a human reviewer, just much quicker

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Our revolutionary tech is trusted by top banks, financial services providers and governments

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Recordsure is designed to process enormous amounts of data. It lets reviewers cover more ground, more quickly and more efficiently

Product summary: Triage

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Use finely tuned natural language processing to analyse the content of a recording and identify whether it should go to further review. 

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Can be used to reduce your sample size for a thematic human review, or as part of a wider analytics pipeline to help decide which type of topic-labelling model to use. 

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Remove your reliance on metadata alone to categorise a recording, allowing you to continuously adapt your review criteria over time in line with internal processes or external factors.

Triage can be an incredibly powerful tool to have at your disposal. Without needing comprehensive metadata or hours of human review time, you can quickly sift through a large volume of recorded conversations to target the ones most relevant to your review process.

Mark Hover, Chief Commercial Officer