Joanne Smith is shortlisted for GRC Innovator of the Year Award 2021

Joanne Smith Recordsure - GRC Innovator of the Year 2021

Joanne Smith, the Founder and Executive Chair at Recordsure, gets well-deserved recognition by the Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Awards 2021 for her exceptional achievements in bringing pioneering innovations to GRC.

We’re proud to announce that Recordsure’s Founder and Executive Chair, Joanne Smith, has been shortlisted for the Innovator of the Year 2021 Award by the Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance Awards.

These awards honour female leaders and companies demonstrating excellence across GRC.

The Women in GRC Awards 2021 showcase the role models, advocates and mentors, as well as the inspirational women and companies building and leading in the world of GRC.

The GRC Innovator of the Year Award is dedicated to innovators that drive change. It shines a light on female leaders in the world of  GRC that dedicated their careers to solving problems and changing the status quo. 

This award will be awarded to a female who delivers innovative and new ways of thinking and working in their industry, changing and challenging the way we work.

Joanne Smith -Recordsure Founder and Executive Chair

I’m delighted to have been named among this year’s leading female Innovators by the Women in GRC Awards. Celebrating the women and talent in our arena is absolutely vital.

Joanne Smith, Founder and Executive Chair, Recordsure and TCC

Joanne, the force behind the RegTech revolution

Joanne Smith has forged a career on being a risk-taker and innovator with a resolute growth mindset. Her ambition is to drive consumer trust in financial services, creating an industry that works to benefit everyone.

She has focused her career and her businesses, on solving two fundamental issues: unhealthy culture and misconduct, believing that the industry will be a fairer place with consumers and the economy better for it.

Joanne approaches challenges with eagerness and has the ability to look at problems from other perspectives to devise creative, innovative solutions. Consequently, Joanne combined her compliance expertise with innovative technology and launched two successful consultancy and RegTech businesses: The Consulting Consortium (now TCC Group) in 2000 and Recordsure in 2012.

True to her style, to create Recordsure and its ground-breaking AI-driven speech and document analytics RegTech, Joanne surrounded herself with experts – data analysts, AI engineers, behaviour and language scientists. She immersed herself in the world of digital and technology and led the business to achieve significant innovation milestones. 

Recordsure was the first company to:

  • provide a face-to-face conversation recording solution that meets the security needs of financial regulators and information commissioners;
  • build a speech recognition system that achieves a high degree of accuracy with multi-party face-to-face conversations;
  • develop an artificial intelligence system that breaks financial conversations into component parts to streamline a variety of compliance, training, competency and customer insight reviews.

Inspiring the next generation

Joanne has received prestigious awards for her entrepreneurship, innovative leadership and breaking the glass ceiling in the male-dominated sectors of compliance and FinTech.

While receiving personal recognition for the impact her innovations have made, Joanne is strongly focused on giving back to the female entrepreneur community. She mentors fellow females, passionately supports female founders and is a serial investor in female-led technology businesses. 

View the list of all finalists for the Women in GRC Awards 2021 here.

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