Recordsure Capture, intelligent speech analytics

Turn customer conversations into authentic records. Record all customer interactions and gather them in one place so you can see absolutely everything. Deliver regulatory compliance.

Made possible with Recordsure’s speech analytics tools.

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Record it. Store it. Review it. Simple.

Conversations between agents and customers often go unrecorded, especially when the meeting takes place face-to-face or via a video call. 

Recording of these conversations is invaluable for performance management, compliance and business continuity. 

Audit trails, compliance and risk management

Reduced time and cost of audits

Freeing up advisor’s capacity 

Strengthening client relationships and improving customer care  

Unearthing commercially valuable insights 

Record, store and review your client meetings with Recordsure Capture, an intelligent speech analytics and automation tool designed to tackle your everyday challenges at the source. 

With a background in financial services, we use smart technology to support teams and have a proven track record in delivering substantial benefits to our customers.

Reviewing the challenges of risk management, quality assurance, remote working and digital progression, we share the industry insights. 

Our whitepaper Time Trials: Unlocking efficiencies in finance management offers insights into why keeping conversations records leads to saving time, resources and growth strategies. Reviewing the challenges of risk management, quality assurance, remote working and digital progression. 

Time Trials: Unlocking efficiencies in finance management

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Recordsure Capture, speech analytics bring the end of manual note taking

Our speech analytics and automation tools drive huge efficiencies in review processes and improve customer outcomes by providing greater clarity of what is being discussed with customers and managing risks. 

Human-level accuracy, military-grade security and the power to manage audio records with ease. 

The best-in-class speech recognition and transcription solution brings the cutting edge to your organisation. Designed to future-proof your customer care operations and add competitive advantage.

Capture all customer interactions with sophisticated AI technology, built on unique speech-to-text engines trained specifically for nuances of language in financial services conversations.

Human level accuracy that consistently out-perform alternative solutions modelled to handle a wide range of dialects and accents across both, the UK and Australia.

When dealing with current customers or onboarding new ones, Capture upgrades the customer experience and simplifies and reassures you and your customers. 

All your customer interactions are turned into an authentic record. Your files are searchable and fully sharable, increasing transparency and deepening trust with your customers. 

Gain deeper meaningful customer insight from every interaction, cultivating customer relationships and focus your customer care strategies. 

Recordsure, nothing else comes close

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You can now record all meetings, no more man-hours spent on note taking during or post-meetings. 

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Everything can now be automatically transcribed – no concerns over human error.

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Store and search

All recordings are kept in one place, stored securely and compliantly, and is easily searchable. 

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Intelligent language

The next generation speech-to-text engine is trained to understand financial services language. 

Time Trials: Unlocking efficiencies in finance management

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Implementing customer interactions recording - the new normal

Recordsure Voice and Docs products are industry-defining speech and analytics tools. Voice products offer ground-breaking technology for conversation recording, analytics and automation. Docs products focus on document processing, automation and review. Our solutions were designed to ensure compliance, save time, deliver cost efficiencies and drive better customer outcomes.

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