Recordsure secures new patents for ground-breaking Capture app technology

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We’re excited to announce that Recordsure has been granted patents in the US and Europe, including the UK, for the ‘store and forward’ technology that’s at the heart of our pioneering Capture solution.

Recordsure’s Capture app enables financial services firms to record both face-to-face or online conversations in a high-quality, safe and searchable form.

The newly awarded patents cover the methods used within the technology to guarantee secure, tamper-proof recordings as well as their upload to digital storage, even when using the Capture app offline.

A truly versatile and disruptive AI-led solution, Recordsure Capture is already relied upon by a number of financial services and government organisations, and is compatible with Windows, Android and Apple devices.


These Recordsure patents are granted as US Patent number US11463421B2 and EU Patent number EP3497875B1.

Recordsure Capture: complete audio records of all customer conversations

Before Recordsure Capture arrived on the scene, financial services firms had no method of recording in-person conversations in a sufficiently secure and GDPR-compliant way.

They would also have real difficulty verifying the authenticity of any given recording – for example, if the customer, regulator or perhaps even a court of law called its legitimacy into question.

This was true even when the conversation recording was made in a customer’s business premises or home (where it’s not typically feasible to establish an Internet connection), meaning that the recording would need to temporarily reside on the mobile device or laptop.

In addition, specifically for government applications, Recordsure Capture is required to be compliant with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE Act) and its subsequent updates for ‘Secure Digital Networking’ solutions.

This requirement is to ensure the conversation recordings are truly authentic and tamper-proof, enabling them to be considered non-repudiable should the digital interview record need to be evidenced in court for any reason. Again, the recording potentially needs to be made offline, perhaps at an air or sea port, or within a hospital, police station or prison setting.

Offering a portable, dependable and secure solution, Recordsure Capture delivers a revolutionary, convenient replacement for the legacy analogue tape or CD recording methods that remain widespread across central and local government departments.

Recordsure’s proprietary technology delivers secure, reliable audit trails

The new technology patents cover the unique inventions within Recordsure Capture that enable irrefutable evidentiary recordings to be made within industries that need 100% certainty that a true record of conversations is made and retained, no matter what the location.

It goes without saying that reliably capturing conversations using commodity hardware has taken many years of design and development – as it’s an unfortunate reality that laptops crash and batteries run dry on mobile phones and tablets. And beyond that, it’s rare that constant network connectivity can be guaranteed in interview settings.

Recordsure Capture has been extensively battle-tested in production across a multitude of devices and diverse environments – along with our latest generation of Recordsure Advanced Microphones, which are now able to:

  • Detect human speech
  • Focus a microphone beam directly on in-person meeting participants
  • Reduce background noise from unwanted sources such as air conditioners, shuffling papers, keyboards, traffic, sirens or room echo

And because of our intense time and resource investment in research and development, Recordsure’s technologies provide the highest quality and most robust digital interview recording and storage solutions on the market today.

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