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Award Winning WealthTech From Recordsure

Award-winning WealthTech to fix real problems faced by Wealth and Asset Management firms

The wealth management market programme, driven by WealthBriefing, takes the world stage. This programme is proving ongoing relevance with the record number of entries for the WealthBriefing European Awards 2021. The pressure is on, thus all entries must prove to be worthy of high international standards. 

Evidence of superior service, client satisfaction, sustainable business model, well-managed business and category-specific criteria came to play when seeking the deserving winner for each category. This year’s exceptional winners shown exceptional resilience, managing to maintain and extend their offering under unique circumstances.

Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence

The innovative use of AI was remarked as a highly competitive category at this year’s WealthBriefing European Awards. A rigorous process was applied when selecting the winning technology as the panel of industry experts debated,  discussed and voted for the best solution provider.  

Recordsure proved to be the worthy winner; here, Philip Harris, COO at WealthBriefing, shares the judges’ views and comments on Recordsure’s winning submission for the AI category. 

With a strong application of AI and defined solution to categorise and index core recording content, Recordsure developed a solution that fixes the real (regulatory and compliance) problem and the consumption of time.

Recordsure was founded to create a solution to solve the regulatory compliance issues of the financial sector and, more importantly, protect customers. Developing pioneering AI-led analytics tools that successfully address compliance issues and risk management, and drive significant operational efficiencies for Banks and Wealth Management firms across the globe.

Being the first winner of the brand-new AI category reflects Recordsure’s impressive achievements within the financial services sector. It brings deserving recognition of the exceptional work, focus and dedication the whole Recordsure team puts into every client delivery and product development.

At Recordsure, we believe that innovative RegTech solutions can help improve the experience of colleagues and clients across the Wealth Management industry. This award showcases the strength of our product to firms grappling with inefficient review processes that rely on random-sample methodologies. There is a better way – and Recordsure makes it possible to achieve 100% coverage at scale.

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