How to make the most out of conference call transcription

With the world turning digital and many meetings moving to the virtual realm, there is an even greater demand for conversation transcriptions in financial services
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With the world turning digital and many meetings moving to the virtual realm, there is an even greater demand for conversation transcriptions. Many workforces are now working remotely, which provides flexibility but these remote solutions often lack the IT infrastructure of an office environment, meaning important conversations may not be recorded. 

Highly regulated sectors rely on comprehensive records for compliance, so digital transcriptions are vital for maintaining transparency over customer conversations alongside driving customer insights. No matter what platform is used, you want to be sure that you have an accurate, detailed and securely stored transcription that is easily accessible for referral.

Achieving all of this is no easy feat, so here are a few tips to achieve the best possible conference call transcription.  

1. Find the right solution for you and your Industry 

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many times ineffective transcribing tools have been used, leaving users with pages of illiterate conversations transcribed that are no longer fit for purpose. Transcriptions are designed to save time and drive efficiency, so if they do not achieve these goals, they are counterproductive. 

To ensure a clear transcription you need a solution that can provide a high degree of accuracy for language identification capable of identifying specialist keywords from your industry. Take the medical sector for example, when extremely technical terms like ‘neuroleptanalgesia’ are being used, you need a tool that can decipher these words. 

There is a range of factors you have to consider when choosing the right solution for your company such as how many callers are supported? What industry your company works in? And what do you want to accomplish with this solution?

Our Capture tool is a speech recording and transcription solution that is designed purely for financial services and similar highly regulated sectors. Our speech-to-text engine has been specifically trained on the nuances of language found in the financial services sector to ensure even the most complex of conversations are transcribed with an unprecedented level of accuracy. This means mistakes like ‘ISA’ being transcribed to ‘ice’ shouldn’t be a problem. 

2. Optimise your audio environment

Ahead of your meeting, it is important to test your recording equipment so you can ensure a smooth transcription throughout your meeting. Is the microphone on your laptop working effectively? Are there loud external sounds that could be mitigated before the call? Are other device notifications switched off?

Our easy-to-use platform means you can simply log in and click record to test the environment beforehand. Ensuring all possible interferences are resolved before the call helps AI analytics tools analyse words with an improved level of accuracy meaning lower word error rates in the end transcript. 

Think of it a bit like any normal conversation you have: if background noise is drowning out half the words then it becomes harder to work out what the other person is trying to say. Same principle goes for analytics tools: more background noise interfering with the audio quality means fewer words will be recorded accurately in the end transcript.

Recordsure is used across face-to-face meetings, telephony and increasingly, video calls through platforms like Zoom, Teams and Skype. Whether it is at home or in the office, simple steps like not leaving the microphone next to a noisy printer will help optimise the accuracy of any transcript.

3. Store & search securely

 Once the call is finished you want to be sure that your file is being stored in a secure location, especially when conversations involve sensitive information. 

Here at Recordsure, we are ISO 27001. Our recordings are encrypted at rest, in transition and at end-point, so data is encrypted on your recording device, on our database and everywhere in between. If cloud-based is not an option, we also offer a military-grade storage capability in the Recordsure data centre. 

As well as security, it is important that files are managed effectively. When records are stored with inadequate metadata, finding the files you want can become a logistical nightmare. For example, simply trawling through thousands of unlabelled files to find every conversation involving a specific client can add weeks to a review.

Our Capture tool makes navigating files exceptionally easy due to its categorisation structure, which can search via metrics like adviser or customer. This allows organisations to effectively manage huge numbers of records easily at scale. 

Hopefully, these tips help you achieve the best possible customer call transcription. If you would like further information on how the Capture tool can revolutionise your customer conversation transcriptions and record management, then get in touch with one of our experts.

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