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Specialised speech and document analytics

Mortgage teams often follow traditional processes which have been overtaken by innovative technology. There is now huge potential to adapt and improve.

Recordsure's specialist speech and document analytics for mortgage teams. RegTech tools built on sophisticated AI and Machine Learning capabilities.

Every firm offering mortgages must adhere to strict regulatory processes and procedures to ensure that customers are treated fairly, and can afford the amount they seek to borrow. This almost always requires a conversation between an adviser and the customer either face-to-face, over the phone or via video. In order to make sure that advisers are applying the lenders’ processes consistently and appropriately, there is always a need to check the suitability of any advice and the quality of service given to customers. This carries a number of inherent challenges:

  • Audit trails are often incomplete resulting in compliance vulnerabilities on a daily basis. Furthermore, file management is often poorly structured meaning that when case reviews are needed, simply gathering the required information is difficult adding time and costs to audits.
  • Reviewing records is laborious. This can force firms to randomly sample for BAU monitoring creating vast blind spots while remediation projects can quickly escalate into lengthy and expensive ordeals.
  • It is difficult to effectively manage performance, conduct and culture across the organisation. Supervisors often struggle to spend time with advisers and advisers often don’t get the support they need. This can jeopardise customer care, compliance, risk management and sales messaging.

Recordsure is designed to tackle challenges like these at source. With a background in financial services, we use smart technology to support teams and have a proven track record in mortgage departments. Our analytics and automation tools drive huge efficiencies in review processes, improve customer outcomes by providing greater clarity of what is being discussed with customers and managing risks with advanced anomaly detection systems.

Download our Mortgages guide to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges our clients face and the solutions we have developed to tackle them.

Mortgage teams solutions breakdown

Our comprehensive guide for mortgage teams seeking to harness data from customer interactions at scale.

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Where we drive value

The Recordsure platform has been designed to address these areas at source to provide a holistic solution. Every business model is different, but our products are modular and versatile enabling them to be tailored to a wide variety of mortgage department workflows.

The key areas we drive value for our clients include:

Mortgage teams solutions breakdown

Our comprehensive guide for mortgage teams seeking to harness data from customer interactions at scale

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Below you can find more information on our Voice and Docs product families as well as logistical information on security, API connectivity and our compliance background:

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