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Better, faster, smarter Compliance Analytics

Providing Collections & Recoveries assurance teams with compliance analytics solutions to manage the challenges of compliance reviews, risk management and conduct monitoring

With the cost-of-living crisis significantly increasing the volume of vulnerable consumers and the new FCA’s Consumer Duty regulations requiring creditors to evidence good consumer outcomes, Collections & Recoveries quality assurance teams are under more pressure than ever before. The challenges our solutions address include:

  • Increased volumes of calls 
  • Dealing with vulnerable customers 
  • FCA’s Consumer Duty compliance

Compliance analytics for C&R teams

Our unique conversation analytics platform uses AI and machine learning that enables firms to identify how well processes are being followed, flagging risks and helping support compliance outcomes without interrupting the natural customer and advisor dynamic.

We help you better understand your customer interactions, against a backdrop of compliance and risk management, to improve conduct and customer outcomes at scale. For C&R Quality Assurance teams, this means improved call visibility of all client-advisor conversations and actionable insights to drive good customer outcomes. 

Recordsure Compliance Analytics

For better management of compliance reviews, risk management and conduct monitoring – while achieving greater efficiencies and productivity

Compliance Analytics for Collections & Recoveries firms

Recordsure specialises in helping Compliance and Quality Assurance (QA) teams overcome the challenges of lack of oversight, reliance on random sampling and spiralling costs in the face of increasing demand. 

We can help you transform Compliance and QA.

Recordsure Capture_Speech Recognition Technology

Smart path to unbeatable oversight of customer interactions

Leverage risk visibility for targeted-review of high risk cases

More effective compliance, fresh operational efficiencies

Consumer Duty compliance: futureproof your processes

How to manage the new challenges, ensure fair customer treatment, and sufficiently evidence good outcomes to the regulator?

This free guide provides a deep-dive into the latest compliance and quality assurance challenges C&R teams face every day. So how can the use of technology help QA teams to assure compliance and mitigate potential risks? How are the tools and insights the Compliance Technology offer helping C&R to improve customer care,  support vulnerable and deliver better customer outcomes? Download your guide to learn more.

Recordsure guide to Collection & Recoveries Challenges

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Our solutions are versatile, offering the option of deploying a standalone solution or integrating the analytics tool with existing IT systems through our advanced API. The tools are modular in nature and can be configured to fit existing processes and infrastructure.

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