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About the Recordsure solution

We help regulated organisations improve compliance, customer care and culture through sophisticated AI technology that reviews customer interaction data with human-level intelligence and machine-powered capability.

Refined over years of research, we have developed some of the world’s most advanced tools to transform traditional compliance, risk management and customer care processes.

Before Recordsure, no tool existed that could do what we do. For four years, industry leading figures from AI, language and linguistics, engineering and tech came together to create something completely new.

Joanne Smith, Recordsure Founder

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We know that no two organisations, projects or challenges are the same. It can also be daunting just working out where to begin.

We’ve made a name for ourselves building smart technology to tackle some of the biggest compliance and analytics challenges faced in the most tightly regulated of industries. Let us know what your objectives are or the problems you are trying to solve and we’ll put our heads together.

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