Pull out the key facts from a conversation, making your recordings work harder and freeing up skilled people from administrative burdens

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Highlight the facts, reduce the write-up

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Extract takes a transcribed recording and applies Recordsure’s unique knowledge model to unearth the key topics and facts from the conversation.

Speed up your post-meeting administration and free up the time of your most valuable people. Extract is the key that unlocks the value in a recorded conversation.

Find the facts

Find the facts​

Extract creates value from your recordings by identifying and displaying the key facts that have been discussed during the conversation.

Recordsure’s one-of-a-kind knowledge model, developed through years of analysis of financial services-specific meetings and interviews, allows Extract to operate without the need for the model training required by other machine-learning tools.

Extract can reliably pull out data, such as personal details, assets and liabilities or income and expenditure, so the hard facts of a discussion with your customer are at your fingertips. Take this a step further with other information, like their needs and objectives, and you can help identify potentially vulnerable customers or spot potential complaints.

Whether you’re trying to reduce post-meeting administration effort or are looking to consistently unlock insight from customer conversations, you can search less and see more with Extract.

Free up time for customer-facing teams

Writing up meeting notes or drafting recommendations can be a time-consuming process that usually falls to the colleague in the meeting. It’s clear this time could be better spent helping more customers.

Extract works alongside the audio recording of the conversation, so someone who was not in the meeting can fill out forms, draft recommendations or arrange follow-ups easily. Extract is far more efficient than handwritten notes, which can be difficult to read, incomplete or can even go missing.

By reducing the overhead of typing up meeting notes, Extract frees up time for your people to spend more time with customers, increasing their productivity.

Smarter searching​

Valuable insight that drives business outcomes

Valuable insight that drives business outcomes

In our experience, customers are usually happy to have meetings and phone calls recorded, especially when the reasons for it are properly explained.

Advisers, on the other hand, can sometimes take some convincing, especially when the key reason for recording is about compliance and regulations. But by reducing administrative burdens and providing valuable insight, Extract gives the adviser a reason for recording a conversation that goes beyond compliance and monitoring.

Plus there is always the possibility that Extract will spot something that the adviser missed in the flow of conversation. Something that could potentially lead to a further business opportunity with the customer, or even change the nature of the recommendation they were about to make.

Having the facts at your fingertips without the need to rely on notes and write-ups not only shortens administrative time, but opens up the possibility of exploring new opportunities with customers.

Nothing else comes close

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By automating laborious administrative tasks, Recordsure makes things quicker and more cost-effective, saving you money in the long run

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Recordsure is designed to process enormous amounts of data. It lets reviewers cover more ground, more quickly and more efficiently

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We’ve proven to clients and regulators that Recordsure has comparable accuracy a human reviewer, just much quicker

Product summary: Extract

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Pull out the key facts from a recorded, transcribed conversation with a customer.

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Have the information you need to complete reports, forms and follow-up actions readily available, without searching through notes and recordings.

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Cut down on admin time after a meeting, leaving you free to spend more time assisting customers.

Too often advisers get caught up in post-meeting admin that eats into time they could be spending with clients. Extract pulls out the necessary information to spread the burden, and finds insights to unlock new possibilities.

Steve Hewlett-Light, Head of Product

Building on Extract

Record your customer interactions and generate unbeatably accurate transcriptions that make navigating a conversation fast and simple.

Automatically determine whether a conversation is applicable to a review enabling teams to focus only on relevant content.

Identify topics within a conversation enabling reviewers to get straight to the parts of a recording they most need to listen to.

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