Remove random sampling from your control processes and transform your approach to risk management

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Transform your review process

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Assure can spot anomalies and deviations in conversations and then use that data to highlight recordings for human review.

Just like that you can completely remove the need for random sampling.

Risk-based anomaly detection

Risk-based anomaly detection​

Assure is a highly adaptable and immensely powerful AI tool that spots anomalies and deviations. What’s more, it can do this consistently across every single conversation in your business.

Building on our Classify product, Assure can flag where topics appear in unexpected or inappropriate parts of a conversation, or where they are too long or short compared to the accepted norm.

Going even further, Assure can analyse the language used within a given topic to work out whether it was covered in enough depth and detail. And of course, it can flag where a topic doesn’t exist at all.

This can be tailored in a way that’s uniquely built for your business and the types of conversations you’re monitoring. 

Redefine "reasonable", remove random

Most companies that process large volumes of sales business rely on random sample checking as a key part of their control framework.

This is often a very small percentage of the overall number of customer interactions, usually ranging between 1% and 5% of the overall recorded conversation volume. This approach wastes an astonishing amount of valuable data for customer care, sales and compliance while typically requiring a huge ongoing effort to maintain and support it.

Assure solves this problem. By training a series of highly specialised AI models to your unique business parameters, Assure becomes the equivalent of a human reviewer. Except that it is then applied to every single conversation, consistently, every time.

Instead of a random sample that might contain evidence of a systemic issue, Assure delivers you reliable insight that you can trust about exactly what is going on across your business. 

Redefine "reasonable", remove random​

Targeted human effort

Targeted human effort​

Assure doesn’t seek to replace human reviewers. These are often skilled and specialised members of your team with years of experience that can be invaluable.

Assure simply seeks to point your review effort at the riskiest areas of your business, removing inefficiencies in the process and ensuring that you make the most of your reviewers’ time.

As well as elevating specific instances which require human follow-up action, Assure can also be used to rank all your records by the risk they pose allowing you to target resources to where they are most needed.

Nothing else comes close

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Our revolutionary tech is trusted by top banks, financial services providers and governments

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Recordsure delivers overwhelming accuracy, and therefore unparalleled insights, unmatched anywhere else in the industry

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Recordsure is made up of modules, so you can choose the products you want, tailored to your systems and processes

Product summary: Assure

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Detect anomalies and deviations from the norms set specifically for your business process.

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Remove the need for random sampling by having Assure’s AI models analyse every conversation, trained and tuned to your business risk appetite.

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Target your human review effort on only the riskiest areas for your business, driving efficiency at a scale that supports your growth aspirations.

This isn’t about pointing you to the needle in the haystack. It’s about removing the hay and showing you the stack of needles. Assure is the game-changer for any organisation that relies on random sample checking benefitting both the business and the consumers alike.

Joe Norburn, CEO