Paraplanners spend an average of 1-3 hours transcribing voice recordings and writing up documentation after client meetings. According to our research, 14 hours can be saved each week purely through the implementation of our Extract solution.

What could you do with that time? Maybe taken a trip to Asia, binge-watched episodes of your favourite programme or seen as though you are still in work maybe use this time to excel in your position. The 14 hours saved is enough time to conduct around 9 client meetings, helping you to better strengthen current relationships and potentially offer new recommendations from these meetings. You could also utilise this time to work on personal development, which may come through additional training or going back to basics. This time could also be spent scratching up on industry knowledge at webinars and events to understand if there are any new emerging trends in the sector you need to taking advantage of.

Reducing administrative duties saves paraplanners and advisers a substantial amount of time each week that can be better spent driving business or working on personal development.

No two firms are the same, so we have developed a free tool to help firms calculate the potential hours they can reclaim. Try our Time Saving Calculator to see how much you could save.