The AI Innovator of the Year Awards

AI Innovator 2021-Kit-Recordsure

The Aiconics Awards, part of The AI Summit, are back! Kit Ruparel, Chief Technology Officer at Recordsure, has been shortlisted for The AI Solutions Provider Innovator.

The AI Innovator of the Year Awards showcase individuals who have fuelled business transformation with innovative AI projects. The Solutions Provider winner demonstrates exceptional work within an organisation that provides AI hardware/software solutions.

Kit Ruparel incepted the idea to use AI to automatically watch evidence that subject matter experts were gathering to identify areas of compliance or non-compliance to financial regulations.

'Evidence AI' technology

Kit designed the ‘Evidence AI’ technology and worked with Recordsure teams to turn his concept into unique product offering. Recordsure’s ‘Evidence AI’ watches as subject matter experts gather the evidence required to assess case suitability and automatically learns to replicate it.

Without any offline training, Recordsure's 'Evidence AI' system predicts the elements of documentary evidence that support the compliant sale of financial services products and offers these to the expert review team as candidate evidence items for their approval.

Kit Ruparel-Recordsure-Headshot

The AI solution that Kit designed for this purpose reviews every line of case documentation and feeds it through a composite Deep Neural Network that fuses various MLP features that concern the document type and layout, Google’s Universal Sentence Encoder and a GLoVe vector matrix; to produce both a shortened summary of key content across the case documentation as well as the evidence candidates.

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