How RegTech is restoring consumer trust in financial services

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Established as the UK’s Most Innovative RegTech Solutions Company, Recordsure was launched with the mission to redefine customer care – raising standards and exceeding expectations for what regulators, organisations and consumers assume to be industry level quality. Using bespoke AI technology, Recordsure’s voice and document analytics solutions support and service industry-wide challenges and protect customers most notably.

Accredited as the multi-award-winning business used by Banks, Private Banking and Wealth Management Firms, Insurers and Government services, Recordsure offers unique solutions that have given the company the recognition of success for over ten years.

What makes the company so impressive and able to achieve such respect within the industry is its imminent focus, dedicated to a specific sector of clients encompassed within the financial services sector.  Furthermore, Recordsure’s Transcription and Machine Learning (ML) models are trained specifically on the language and data from that industry domain.

CEO Joe Norburn details the company’s individuality and unique offerings by stating, “We understand our client’s problem statements and work hard to create solutions that work for our clients and across the industry. 

“The breadth of our product offering is unique – we provide compliance monitoring solutions across recorded conversations and case file documentation. This truly sets us apart from others because we can cover and analyse every interaction, spoken and written between firms and their clients.”

Since its establishment, Recordsure has developed revolutionary and innovative solutions that have made a transformational impact within the industry. Recordsure was founded as a response to the financial crisis, which subsequently impacted consumer perception of the financial services industry. Thus, imploring the concept that the sector was mis-selling and allowed unethical practices that destroyed confidence and trust.

However, Recordsure’s established a vision to override this insight by offering innovative RegTech tools to support firms whilst bolstering consumer trust. Overall, creating an industry that works to benefit everyone involved.

Joe explains this theory further by stating:

Very early on, we recognised the urgency to address the industry issues and the pressure on firms from the regulators to review their operations and processes. It’s become clear that firms need advanced technology tools to tackle reviews efficiently and within set timescales. At the time, the industry lacked an analytic technology solution for reviewing advice and compliance at speed and scale – so we built it.

Recordsure is renowned for its unique service offering. Its team’s combination and collaboration of financial experience, compliance, and innovative technology have driven its vision and mission to address the industry challenges.

This was handled by launching the market-first AI-driven RegTech platform, as Joe explains, “Using pioneering Recordsure-built AI technology, Recordsure tools are powerful. Our proprietary AI-driven speech analytics tools record, review and analyse 100% of customer interactions. We remove blind spots to ensure compliance, reduce risk and drive fair customer treatment. Our document analytics is a clever combination of Robotic Process Automation coupled with Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning, boasting 97% AI accuracy.”

Overall, with the latest technological advances combined with the company’s expertise, Recordsure provided unmatched results in delivering accuracy across the industry and amongst competitors.

However, due to several surging impacts due to Covid-19, climate change, and social responsibility, general advancements in digital technology have been subsequently changed throughout the industry, affecting the expectations that customers demand from their providers.

With this comes the desire for digital convenience, which is why digital technology should be at the centre of everything firms do – allowing businesses to serve their customers better and enhance their experiences.

Joe pulls from this point by saying:

We help firms keep ahead of the competition and provide agility when responding to changes in customer or market demand. With our tools, clients can efficiently scale up or down their operations for individual customer-facing departments when needed, responding to the ever-changing environments.

Moreover, considering the firm’s future, Recordsure’s plan is to continue to invest in its team – working together closely to pioneer innovative RegTech solutions that support compliance and deliver value for its clients. Overall, Recordsure will provide state-of-the-art and better value compliance support and customer protection to the industry for 2022 and every year after. 

This article originally appeared in Acquisition International’s March issue.

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