Recordsure is shortlisted for the RegTech of the Year Award by UK FinTech Awards 2021

Recordsure UK FINTECH 2021 finalist For RegTech

The UK FinTech Awards celebrate the incredible FinTech community and the UK's best FinTech companies. Recordsure is proud to be the finalist of the RegTech of the Year award.

The UK is home to many of the world’s premier financial services centres and a flourishing financial technology market. The UK FinTech Awards commemorates the achievements and successes of the UK’s best and brightest FinTech businesses. 

The awards are designed to cover the full spectrum of FinTech, and all entries are judged by an independent panel of experts.

Recordsure’s unique RegTech solution was developed for financial organisations to help them ensure regulatory compliance, speed up review processes, manage risk, deliver remediation projects with greater efficiencies and, overall, drive better customer outcome. Our state-of-the-art machine learning technology provides an unparalleled voice and data platform to review and analyse customer conversations and interactions on a highly scalable basis.

I'm thrilled for Recordsure to be shortlisted for the RegTech of the Year Award. This is a wonderful celebration of our achievements and great recognition of the Recordsure's team exceptional work, focus and dedication.

Recordsure delivers results - 100% coverage, compliance and business efficiencies 

Through successful implementation of our product, Recordsure has enabled financial services firms to be more efficient with their review process and achieve 100% coverage of their customer conversations. This means that firms using Recordsure technology can be confident that every single instance of sale or advice is monitored, transcribed and analysed for process adherence, taking a true risk-based approach to supervision.

Our Voice product offers over 90% transcription accuracy on Financial Services domain conversations, delivering greater than 85% accuracy consistently across our conversation classification and topic labelling Machine Learning models. We deliver high-quality, non-invasive recording solutions that complement rather than replace incumbent technologies. We enable firms to start recording those conversations that have previously been monitored through human-supervision approaches in the same way as their telephony centres have been monitored for decades.

Using our Doc solution, we have processed in excess of 10 million documents in the past year and, for one client, recorded and analysed over 17,000 hours of regulated advice meetings. As our clients normalise their processes in a post-pandemic world, these numbers are forecast to grow.

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