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Joe Norburn, CEO at Recordsure and TCC, explains the significance of robust compliance monitoring - and RegTech, set by the pace of technology acceleration across the sector.

To master the wide range of legislation requirements, financial institutions need to find a way to automate analysis, understand impacts, change business practices and processes and fine-tune reporting.

RegTech automates repetitive tasks, monitors regulatory changes in real-time, generates reports and alerts FIs’ compliance staff to potentially fraudulent activity. Such automation allows compliance personnel to focus on high-value work that augments their role and increases organisational efficiencies.

As Joe Norburn, CEO at Recordsure & TCC, explains: “Over the last 12 to 18 months, firms have been exposed to alternative communication channels but are not fully engaged with them. As a result, there needs to be new processes and controls in place to ensure regulatory compliance and fair outcomes for customers across all communication channels and at every stage of the customer journey.”

While RegTech solutions strive to make regulatory compliance monitoring and risk reporting, among other things, a simpler endeavour for financial institutions, there are also particular barriers to implementation that financial institutions need to overcome.

Joe Norburn - Wealth Management Study

The accelerated deployment of new technology-led solutions ensures business continuity and adaptation to remote working. Innovative technology helps firms manage conduct risk and compliance along with a healthy and inclusive company culture. The next challenge is to carefully assess the new technology portfolio and ensure true alignment with long-term business strategy.

Technological advances in AI and ML have driven the industry’s development of powerful, intelligent tools to manage risk and compliance.

In a broad and varied marketplace, financial institutions can now choose RegTech on their own terms – taking into consideration the accuracy, suitability and scalability of solutions – rather than being at the mercy of tech giants.

“Given the fundamental shift in customer behaviour and attitudes over the past couple of years, this trend is set to continue,” Joe concludes. “Forward-looking firms that invest in AI- and ML-driven solutions ahead of others are already reaping the commercial benefits and will continue to do so with ever-evolving intelligent technologies.”

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