International STEM Day: Optimising AI

International STEM Day graphic with robots on

2023 has been a breakout year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) - with Collins Dictionary declaring use of the term has quadrupled since this time last year.

So, as we look to celebrate International Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Day on the 8th November, we consider the fast-paced evolvement of these industries and how AI advancements are already shaping the career choices of the next generation. 

'Word of the the year'

It’s clear to see that AI has never been more talked about than it is right now, which is why Collins Dictionary has also named the term as 2023’s ‘word of the year’. This rise in familiarity among the public also coincides with the AI summit for 100 world leaders, academics and AI researchers – held in the UK this November, which aims to discuss how the benefits of tech can be maximised with minimal risks.  

In our evolving world, AI is a hot topic, and there’s no denying it has the potential to transform how STEM subjects are both taught and applied in the workplace. As AI continues to automate repetitive and mundane tasks across many industries, we can expect the types of roles the next generation train for to be very different from today’s job market. 

At Recordsure, we’re firm believers in applying AI in the safest way to offer positive benefits to its users. For instance, AI can do the heavy lifting when looking at large reams of data to free up people’s time to focus on work tasks that truly need human intervention.  

For those who choose a career in STEM-related fields, they’ll undoubtedly work alongside AI in the years to come – in turn giving them more freedom to be the creative, free thinkers that International STEM Day celebrates. 

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