Three ways to cut costs with call recording

The benefits of call recording have been waxed lyrical over the past decade and most of us can see the advantages of obtaining deeper insight into the conversations that occur between sales teams and customers.

This is all very well if you conduct all your business from call centres but if you have a distributed sales force, located either in the field or in-branch, this leaves a large proportion of sales quality that either goes unmonitored or relies on costly observation or mystery shopping methods.

Here, we cover three cost savings that can be gained from face-to-face recording:

  1. Erase the need for mystery shopping by 100%

Mystery shopping can be a great way to discretely monitor and check the quality of in-branch and field-based sales but it can also be hugely expensive. Imagine being able to cut out this cost completely!

With face-to-face recording there is no need to pay a third-party provider to conduct mystery shopping as you can simply access and assess the huge range of real-life sales conversations that take place in your business every day.

  1. Cut down on the cost of quality observations by 75%

Travel, accommodation, time, people. The cost of having someone observe in-branch and field-based staff all adds up. Our clients tell us this spiralling cost is one of their core concerns as regulation scales up and the requirement to improve sales and advice quality increases.

With face-to-face recording you significantly reduce the need travel and observe staff on-site. Instead, your monitoring staff can listen to audio recordings all from one location.

  1. Increase monitoring productivity by 100%

Your monitoring staff spend considerable time travelling to observe your distributed sales force. Think of the other useful activities they could be doing with that time if only it was available.

Cut out travel time and your monitoring staff can instead conduct twice as many observations, all by listening to the recordings of the sales conversations. Performance management also benefits as observing in person can be intrusive and be an inaccurate representation of real life quality.

We know that the current methods of monitoring quality are imperfect and that there are efficiencies that can be gained from utilising the latest in face-to-face recording technology.

The spiralling cost of compliance is a significant concern for our clients. We see it as our job to help our clients increase quality monitoring productivity whilst reducing the cost burden of compliance.

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