Demonstrating catalysts for change in financial services

Demonstrating Catalysts for Change in Financial Services

“It’s vital that firms get the balance right if they’re going to stand up, and market players who are succeeding have engineered hybrid services with the right blend of machine, human data and voice that are needed to drive intelligent wealth solutions.”

Understanding financial services has never been more difficult, with the industry now changing faster than ever before. Our whitepaper is an extensive document that seeks to unlock efficiencies in wealth and financial management. It does this by featuring key insights from some of the top names in financial services; dynamic institutions such as Standard Life, The Wisdom Council, and Heronsgate Capital.

In this piece we provide an enlightening examination of the state of financial services and how we see the industry changing, through such facets as mobile usage and client relationship management. It’s important to identify exactly where the trajectory is heading as financial services rarely stands still. The last decade alone is proof enough of this fact, it has been defined by shifting regulation, rising technology and empowering insight.

It’s important for firms to understand the trajectory as those that don’t adapt, get left behind. Time Trials allows you to not only keep up with, but to get ahead of the curve. The insight you can gain from reading this piece will be the sail you need to navigate forward.

Pre and Post Pandemic

Time Trials examines the fact that we’re seeing components of the industry, that were thought to be set in stone, changing before our eyes, COVID-19 prompted the financial advice industry to instil years of change in a matter of months, and much of this could well be here to stay.

Although the changes we see happening today are likely to be seminal, many of the issues that face financial advisers and wealth managers today pre-date the pandemic, and the crises that rocked the world before that. What surprises many is that for an industry that works with some of the world’s most forward-thinking individuals and institutions, the financial advisory landscape continues to be marred by obstacles that stand in the way of innovation, efficiency and the intelligent delivery of service. Time Trials develops key insight from top industry analysts and helps readers with understanding the changes being made and those already to come.

Chasing Compliance

Compliance is a rapidly moving target, 40% of Wealth managers anticipate the pace of regulation change over the next year to be ‘very high’. To get it right, leaders must anticipate the latest changes proactively, as red tape has wrapped itself firmly around the boardroom table, and as it shows little sign of loosening its grasp, market players need to do more than simply comply – in this piece we show advisors how to futureproof their businesses to stand up to the one inevitability of the future.

Advisors need to be able to see the full picture and the insight shared by our partners in Time Trials gives advisors the visibility to understand the complete landscape. To read the full piece, download our whitepaper.

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