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Australian Mortgage Market Review

Recordsure's whitepaper investigates the new reality of the Australian mortgage sector and how to develop resilience in regulatory compliance.

The Australian mortgage sector

The Australian mortgage market came under severe and unprecedented pressure in 2020. We investigate recent impacts on the mortgage market, emerging trends and new regulatory compliance risks. 

Regulatory compliance

Our whitepaper offers a deep dive into the mortgage industry and implications of Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on compliance, customer care and the importance of regulatory technology. We highlight the trends and changes in the mortgage market, the implications on regulation and the possible remediation risks.

This research paper explores the challenges of the mortgage sector, and the role digitisation plays in ensuring regulatory compliance, driven by the current environments.

Key findings

Understanding the implications of the changes in the mortgage sector 

Remote operations, remote working and the impact on customer care 

Best practice to reduce regulatory risk and build a regulatory process

How the shifts in the mortgage sector can help to develop resilience in regulatory compliance

The mortgage sector has undergone significant changes in 2020 and the ramifications will continue into 2021.

Regulatory risk has already been a great concern for many firms, the global pandemic accelerated the need to adopt regulatory technology to ensure compliance and reduce risks, especially when dealing with vulnerable customers.

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