Automatically draw out key facts to triage cases


AI-driven content extraction

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A suite of technologies for automatically extracting key datapoints for use in review cohorting, case prioritisation or skills-based routing.

Template based data extraction

Template based data extraction​

When organising a thematic review, there are often key pieces of information which are needed to triage, cohort or prioritise cases. For example, the product sold, the age of the customer, or specific needs such as their attitude to risk, required loan or investment amount.

Prioritise applies a range of different content search and extraction methods, designed around examination of your semi-structured document corpus, to find and extract these datapoints.

These ‘template-based ’ methods of data extraction are not simply ‘keyword search’ or ‘regular expression’ based, but are individually designed to also take into account the layouts of your document styles, so accounting for pages, headers, footers, headings, tables, labels, etc. to ensure the maximum possible accuracy with the minimum number of ‘false positives’ (incorrect findings).

AI based content extraction

Sophisticated machine learning tools can extract this data from highly variable document styles as well as unstructured items such as file notes or cede scheme documentation.

We have proved that with adequate model training, Prioritise can find data across diverse document sets both faster and more accurately than a human.

AI based content extraction​

Workflow integrated triage

AI based content extraction​

All of the datapoints extracted from the records across a case file can be supplied as electronic data-sets in order for cohorting and prioritisation exercises to take place. For past-business reviews, such batch-based data exchanges are often more than adequate.

However, for PBRs where data is being routinely ingested into the system on a daily or weekly basis, or for ongoing / business-as-usual reviews, batch-data exchanges can incur manual effort and may not suit the review cadence required.

Prioritise can integrate in realtime to BPMS, DPA and other modern Workflow systems to ensure that the data required for business-rule based prioritisation and routing is available as soon as each case is ingested and available within the Recordsure Viewer.

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Product summary: Prioritise

Pull out key data

Automatically pull out key pieces of rich data from larger pieces of content

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Data can be extracted from highly variable document types as well as unstructured content

Fast and accurate

Faster and more accurate than a human reviewer

Simply having all the data you need at your fingertips as opposed to having to go digging for it across multiple files and documents has an exponential impact on speeding up reviews.

Garry Evans, Chief Product Officer

In the UK, this product is provided in partnership with our sister company TCC, who are compliance and culture specialists. TCC use our technology to bring out its true value by pairing it with their compliance and remediation expertise as part of a fully outsourced managed service.

To learn more about how TCC uses our technology to enhance their remediation and business assurance solutions, please visit their website: