Our story

How we became the leading speech and document analytics provider for regulated organisations.

Where did we come from?

Financial services

Recordsure was founded by Joanne Smith in 2012 after she had witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by banks and financial services firms in the wake of the financial crisis.

Two issues in particular stood out: firstly, few firms were recording face-to-face meetings. This meant incomplete audit trails and a huge compliance risk. Secondly, firms had no way to review all their customer interactions. Monitoring them manually was so labour-intensive that they were forced to randomly sample a small portion, typically only 1–5% of all interactions.

Joanne began researching a technological solution to review customer conversations at scale, not just for compliance but for customer care, training and sales optimisation. When she realised that no solution existed, she created Recordsure to transform the way regulated organisations harness their customer records.

Creating the solution

Over four years of intense research and development, a team of AI specialists, engineers, and language and linguistic scientists worked alongside compliance experts to build the technology that powers Recordsure.  

Our hard work and potential was recognised by British Growth Fund who invested £13 million and allowed us to scale up. The solution was taken to market in 2016 and by 2018 Recordsure had gained momentum with leading banks and government departments among our clients.

Up until this point we had specialised in speech analytics, either from telephone recordings or face-to-face meetings. In 2019 we introduced a way for clients to cover more channels, adding document analytics to our products.

Creating Recordsure

International growth

International growth​

We have our headquarters in London, and it was in the UK that we originally built our reputation as an unparalleled speech and document analytics provider for regulated sectors.

In partnership with our sister company TCC, the experts in compliance and culture, we’ve established our reputation. We’ve worked with major banks and institutions, proving the capability of Recordsure at the highest level.

The software is versatile, and can be used in various markets around the world.After building momentum in the UK, we began our international expansion in 2019. Our first overseas deployments were in Australia where our partners KPMG identified the need for our solution in the Australian financial services industry.

Now we’re continuing to widen our international footprint. Our goal is to bring Recordsure to people all around the world, redefining customer care and transparency, raising the bar for what regulators, organisations and consumers expect as standard.

Having come from a background in compliance, we’ve made Recordsure the absolute authority in understanding the nuances of financial services. No other product comes close to being able to do what we do.

Joanne Smith, Recordsure Founder