Disruptive Tech & Financial Services Survey

2018 saw global FinTech investment hitting $112bn (more than double the previous year), whilst RegTech has emerged from relative obscurity to an industry with a forecasted $76bn by 2022.

Macro trends tend to steal the headlines, but what impact is AI and new technology actually having day-to-day within organisations? Are we witnessing true disruption or will we be left with no lasting legacy once the dust settles?

We’re keen to hear from people actually working within financial services and regulated industries to better understand:

  • The extent to which the financial services landscape has changed as a result of technological developments
  • How organisations are adapting and the impact this is having day-to-day within teams
  • How historic perceptions are evolving

The survey consists of 7 core questions and will only take a couple of minutes to complete. We will offer the following report free of charge to all contributors although there is no requirement to leave any personal contact details.

For every complete response including an email address we will also donate £5 to Stand up to Cancer.



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