Automatically categorise conversations and written content with unprecedented accuracy

Triage overview

Triage | Recordsure

The Triage solution categorises conversations with an unprecedented 98% accuracy, picking out recordings relevant to your review criteria. Using our unique blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Recordsure automatically sorts through millions of conversations to find those related to your defined criteria with levels of accuracy that are impossible through traditional keyword analysis tools. Triage is often used in complaints handling and to streamline past business reviews. Automating the categorisation of conversations for review significantly cuts labour costs and speeds up review and complaint handling times.

What does it do?

When conducting a past business review, it’s easy to waste a lot of energy and resource going through interactions which are not relevant to the audit. The problem is that you don’t know whether something is irrelevant until you have manually gone through the files.

Recordsure provides a solution to this problem by automatically flagging whether a conversation or document is relevant to the audit at hand, enabling analysts to ignore the files they don’t need in advance rather than after they have gone through them.

A significant portion of an analyst’s time goes into the organisation of files in preparation for the actual review, which is a task that doesn’t require the full use of their high skill levels. By automating this element of the process, analysts are able to spend much more of their time on the areas that are typically seen as less ‘tedious’ and where they have an opportunity to shine.

By itself, Triage has enabled analysts to operate nearly 60% more efficiently than through alternate processes. When combined with Classify to segment individual interactions further, the increase in analysts’ effectiveness is transformational.

How is it used?

Cut to the chase

Enable unprecedented efficiency savings for any past business review, removing irrelevant conversations and documents from your manual review process.

Organise your data

Breakout undifferentiated call sets into relevant categories and themes, gaining an at-a-glance view of the types of calls coming into your call centre.


Conduct targeted ongoing reviews on the sub-set of calls that are relevant to the review process.

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