Spot macro trends as they emerge across all the organisation’s professional interactions

Trend overview

Trend | Recordsure

Use our AI technology to highlight emerging discussion points across multiple conversations to shed light on the ‘unknown unknowns’ allowing you to react quickly to anything from spontaneous sales opportunities through to website outages.

What does it do?

Uncover the unknown topics that your customers are talking about.

Every day, customers and advisers will discuss a multitude of conversations across the organisation. Trend offers an overview of the key themes which are coming up, providing wider insights which would not be possible to extract from speaking to any individual adviser.

This can be tuned to register keywords, phrases or semantic themes making it a highly versatile tool. For example, it could be used to monitor the effectiveness of marketing activity following a campaign or as an early warning for potential issues that are being reported such as a website outage or macro event.

These insights occur in near real-time allowing for rapid response to any developments if required.

Trend allows you to monitor 100% of interactions to highlight popular themes both in the immediate term through to longer term topics as they drift in and out of fashion.

How is it used?

Dig deeper

Uncover the unknown unknowns, highlighting unexpected conversational topics and themes.


React quickly to emerging issues as Trend gives 100% coverage of all of your conversations.


Identify and respond to longer term trends as conversational topics fade in and out of fashion.

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