Speech-to-text transcription trained against both telephony and face-to-face conversations

Transcribe overview

Transcribe | Recordsure

Our Speech-to-text transcription service offers unprecedented levels of accuracy within the domain of conversational speech. Trained against both face-to-face and telephony conversations, our transcription AI is tailored to maximise both the efficiency of the review process and the accuracy of all downstream AI systems.

What does it do?

Transcribe converts audio recordings from both face-to-face and telephone conversations into written text with unprecedented accuracy.

Traditional transcription tools rely exclusively on keyword analysis when converting audio files into text, which means they struggle with accuracy, particularly in fields like finance with specialist language and terminology.

Recordsure’s Transcribe module is driven by a different engine: we use bespoke artificial intelligence technology that is designed to mimic the way a human would understand a conversation rather than simply trying to identify keywords in isolation.

The result is an exponentially more accurate tool which understands what is being discussed and intelligently transcribes terminology based on the wider context of the conversation. Furthermore, the machine learning algorithms are constantly learning and improving: the more content they process the more accurate they become.

This is another fundamental breakaway from traditional keyword analysis, where keywords need to be manually updated, which is a hugely laborious process. Recordsure’s transcription tools learn new terms as they are exposed to them, making it a robust and future-proof solution.

How is it used?

Find what you’re looking for

Read and search automatically generated conversational transcripts to gain a quick yet thorough understanding of all of the organisations conversations.

Gain valuable insights

Empower your Data Science teams to analyse previously inaccessible conversational data in a compatible and scalable format – the foundation-stone of in-house analysis.

Zoom into key words and phrases

Enable classic keyword and flexibly search across all of your face-to-face and telephony meetings. Search by specific words, phrases and even semantic concepts such as address details or products discussed.

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