Extract facts and key pieces of data automatically from audio and text files

Summarise overview

Summarise | Recordsure

Pull out key pieces of information from conversation recordings and text files automatically rather than having to search manually. For example, if someone’s personal details need to be extracted to complete a form, this can now be automated – an absolute game changer for data analysts.

What does it do?

Automatically extract key facts from conversations and documentation.

Businesses depend on data, but extracting key details and inputting into systems accurately and efficiently is a challenge in itself.

For example, if an adviser is speaking with a customer and needs to document their personal details, they will need to either scribble them down in the meeting and add to the database afterwards, or add straight into the database in front of the client.

In both instances, the customer experience has been hindered by the adviser having to interrupt a free flowing conversation to record information. Furthermore, this process uses up the adviser’s time: even if they are inputting data straight into an IT system, this is prolonging the length of the conversation. Even though they are technically with a client, they are using this time to do administrative tasks which ultimately means they have less time to spend positively interacting with customers.

Using Recordsure’s Summarise tool, the extraction of fact-rich parts of conversations can be fully automated. Trained to adapt to different business sectors including domains which use specialist language, Summarise drives efficiencies within conversations which allow advisers to work more efficiently and improve the customer experience at the same time.

Summarise is also well suited to internal meetings to document key points, avoiding the need to manually take notes and extract salient points.

The data is collected with unprecedented accuracy through Recordsure’s advanced machine learning technology. The system is designed to connect seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure for easy implementation of automated data input. Summarise can also review multiple files across both text based documentation and audio recordings to complete a comprehensive account of the key points that have arisen over multiple interactions.

How is it used?

Summarise conversation

Add an ‘at-a-glance’ summary of each conversation, enabling stakeholders to efficiently understand the key points of the discussion.

Streamline communications

Efficiently fill out internal forms and customer facing letters by pre-populating sections from the recorded conversation.

Give your customers your full attention

Focus on the conversation, not note-taking, as our AI extracts key facts and points.

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