Feed the emotional tone of a conversation into your analytics

Sentiment overview

Sentiment | Recordsure

In a professional or customer facing context ‘sentiment’ can mean many things. Is moaning about the weather a sign of negative sentiment? Or is it a sign of good rapport and mutual trust? Our Sentiment AI has been designed and trained from the ground up to highlight the positive and negative interactions that your business needs to respond to.

What does it do?

Understand the mood of a conversation.

Human conversation is not limited to the specific words which are being used but the tone and context in which they are used: when you speak with someone, your emotional intelligence will provide a depth of understanding beyond the topics discussed.

It follows that for a conversational intelligence platform to paint the full picture, it will need to comprehend this emotional subtext in order to extract the true meaning of discussions. Recordsure uses advanced machine learning technology to monitor sentiment in a similar way to how a human would.

Our bespoke behavioural analytics are not limited to crude negative word spotting approaches but can accurately distinguish between a positive and negative interaction, for instance a customer who is exhibiting clear signs of frustration but has not used any of the buzzwords which would be expected to trigger a warning.

The technology is also tuned to understand other sentiments, including signs of vulnerability. Often, signs of vulnerability or dissatisfaction are subtle and exhibited through things like tone, pace or intonation rather than the actual language used.

Not only does Recordsure Sentiment recognise these patterns, but it attributes them to the topic in which they have arisen to give you a unique overview of what people are complaining about, what messaging is striking the right chord or in what areas more support needs to be provided for vulnerable customers.

How is it used?

Gauge how your customer feels

Gain a 100% overview of customer complaints and the topics that they are complaining about.

Gain valuable MI

Identify star agents who are able to swiftly resolve complaints and bring conversations to a satisfactory conclusion.

Focus on future performance

Ensure best practice in complaints resolution by identifying and reviewing conversations that remain unresolved.

Safeguard your customers

Identify vulnerable customers, ensuring they are handled in a fair and sensitive manner.

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