Convert written text including PDFs and hard-copy into compatible digital formats for wider use

Digitise overview

Digitise | Recordsure

Convert written text like printed collateral, digital imagery and PDFs into usable data which is stored securely, organised for quick and easy retrieval and the perfect springboard for more advanced analytics and automation.

What does it do?

For regulated firms, a significant amount of valuable information is often stored via text in formats like printed copy, pdfs and similar formats. Extracting information from these is traditionally done manually by an analyst, which is a laborious and time-consuming process.

Digitise automates this process by scanning the media and converting it into compatible data which can integrate with wider systems and analytical tools. Once formatted, the content can be held securely in our military-grade storage, and easily accessed by an intuitive portal designed to make data retrieval as swift and seamless as possible with the aim of lowering costs during reviews.

As well as the efficiencies Digitise leverages, it also serves as the first step in driving further analytics and automation via other Recordsure tools. For instance, it is often used in conjunction with Classify to automatically organise the files enabling analysts unprecedented speed for search and retrieval based on advanced themes and topics. It is also often used alongside Triage to automatically remove any files which are irrelevant to a review allowing you to focus all your attention on relevant material.

How is it used?

Digitising printed content

Convert hard copy text such as printed documents into digital format

Extract copy from imagery

Turn copy in compatible formats from digital imagery / pdfs versions of documents

Robust audit trail

Create a comprehensive audit trail of all communications when combined with Capture

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